Cool Updo Hairstyles for Women with Short Hair


When we cut our hair short, we are often left staring in the mirror for hours, trying to figure out how in the world to shape it so that it can at least look somewhat sleek in an updo. Pixie cuts may not be able to sport the style in your mind (though that’s untrue), but when the fringes hit the neck, you know there’s always something you can do with it. When you hair is above the shoulders, there are some pretty interesting, sweet and sexy ‘dos you can go for, no matter how short your mane may be. You don’t need Rapunzel style hair to create inspiring fashionable designs on your head. There are some great bun, braid, and pinned-up looks to add some fun to your hair.

Here are some rather gorgeous updo hairstyles for women with short hair for every occasion!

Low Bohemian Braids for Short Hair

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles Ideas: Double Dutch Braids for Short Hair


No matter how short your hair is, you can always go for a braided style. This one is for hair that touches the shoulders or slightly passes it, though you may be able to pull it off with shorter strands as well. Divide your hair into four sections, braid them and tie off. Take the third braid, wrap it around the second going over and under and then pin it in place. Take the second braid, wrap around your finger and back around then pin it while tucking away the strands. Take the fourth braid, drape it over then tuck the end underneath before taking the final braid, drape over the rest and tuck it into the opening made by the fourth braid. Pin all the little tendrils so it’s nice and secure and you are ready to go!

All Tied Up!

A faux updo is more than possible by using headscarves when you piss piling up your mass of hair over your head. The scarves can be any color, any design, any texture and are used to cover up the mass of bobby pins. Start off by adding dry shampoo to your regular hair to add texture and teasing generously at the crown, smoothing the top of the teased area so you create sleek volume. Secure the teased area with bobby pins so it stays up nice and tall before pinning the sides back with it to blend with the top and securing the rest of your hair so it’s off your nape. Keep sleek side swept bangs on your forehead for added chic effect. Double knot the scarf on your head, tuck the ends in, and use the tail of a comb to adjust hair where needed. Voila! You have a gorgeous French woman’s look and ready to take the village by storm.


Braided Crowns for Short Hair


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Braids are gorgeous and Dutch braids are even more so if you are able to pull them off without a hitch. For girls with shorter hair, braided crowns are a great look to embrace and they look amazing both as casual ‘dos and fancy dinner styles. Start the Dutch braid from the outer corner of your eyebrow and work your way over the head to behind the ear. Everything else left should then be pinned up into little twists. It’s an easy look that takes a few minutes of your morning and you look chic and lovely throughout the day. A bot of volumizing powder over it all gives just enough rise to the braid to look gorgeous!

Messy Braided Bun for Short Hair

Shoulder length hair looks best with this particular hairstyle that incorporates a braid, a bun and lots of bobby pins. It’s a great combination of beachy looks and bohemian braids that women can use as sweetly refreshing bridal ‘dos. Begin with natural hair, no matter how it looks and tease at the crown before sectioning out the front and pinning it forward. Take the rest of the hair, pull it into a ponytail that’s on the same level as your ears, tuck or push it into a messy bun and wrap a clear elastic band over, using bobby pins to keep the tendrils in and around the bun. The messier the look is, the better. Take one of the sections in front and braid back, securing it at the top of the bun before doing the same to the other side. Pull out some tendrils to frame the face as well and you have a gorgeous bridal messy braided bun look.

Updo Hairstyles for Short Hair: Messy Braided Bun

The Rolled Updo

This is a pretty sleek style that we cannot get enough of. It can work using braids or rolls, but either way looks spectacular with short hair. It is a quick and carefree hairstyle that works great on most hair lengths. Starting with a deep side part, begin a Dutch braid from the front section or reverse braid it, pinning it temporarily at the back center of the head when you get there. Repeat this on the other side as well, gather both of the braids and roll everything upwards until it is nice and tight and won’t be moving out of place. This look is great with wider faces so check out on your own how you like the pretty olden hairstyle.

Roll Back Style

Short Hairstyles for Women with Thin/ Fine Hair: Braided Pixie

If you have a pixie and wondering what to do with it, don’t fret! You have just enough length in your strands to get this pretty updo done up correctly by rolling your hair into cornrow style section by section, pinning in place and adding a glittery hair clip for a really glamorous effect. It is Anne Hathaway style and it looks pretty amazing to us!

Half Buns for Short Hair

A ’90s style cool-girl half bun comes in handy when you have a really short bob barely feathering at your nape. Just crap the hair at the crown and front on top of those ears and pull it into a messy little bun, leaving the rest to hang free and straight. Reminds us of famous ’90s movies with Mandy Moore or Julia Styles.

Prettiest Hairstyle Ideas for Fall half updo bun

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Short Teased Ponytail

You may be surprised to see a ponytail on the list but when your hair is short, getting it to even make a proper tail is a near impossible feat. You can use hair that’s at least 2 or 3 inches below the ears for this style, tease it at the crown for a tousled look of perfect and walk out that door. It may not be your typical updo, but you needed skill to pull that length up.

Endless French Braid for Short Hair

You thought short hair couldn’t look mysterious in an updo? You really thought wrong. How about beginning a French braid but not really making it past the first 2 rings, instead tucking the ends within itself to create a bit of an endless masterpiece. It’s so beautifully chic unto itself, you should be wearing it out professionally and for those romantic dates.

Messy Chignon for Short Hair

Talking about French styles, you may as well opt for a chignon if you have the length available for it. You can have it look messy and polished at the same time, dressing it up or down, depending on your wishes. Pull it into a low pony after giving it a deep side part, twist it into a very messy chignon and leave the look partially undone for lots of texture. Pin away any strays that you don’t want and then add some hairspray or just walk out as is. It’s a lovely look that is too underrated but so easy to achieve with short hair that’s over your shoulder but definitely 3 inches past your ears.


Chic & Flattering Short Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Written by Megan Taylor
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