45 Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos for Women With Short or Long Hair

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Have you seen the latest trend of undercut hairstyles with hair tattoos that has been sweeping Instagram and Pinterest? For the ladies who enjoy bringing something new and different to the table, or in this case their hair, these intriguing haircuts and use of colors are very much a thing to be looking into.

Trends such as this are common, appearing out of the blue and disappearing just the same. But to date, no one really thought about peek-a-boo hair tattoos on your head that actually uses your hair instead of ink, making it a rather awesome way to show off your originality. The style involves no needles, instead using a razor to shave intricate patterns within an undercut.

The popularity of undercut hairstyles with hair tattoos stems from the fact that you can either hide it away and show it off to a select few or wear it out into the open with an updo. It is the latest hair trend that is sweeping the world really, and not just in the United States as many trends tend to be, with celebrities getting nice and rebellious with the look they display on their undercuts.

The best part is that when the hair grows out, you just get a new hair tattoo and enjoy the attention it garners wherever you happen to be that day.

For those who have been wondering about what to get done in terms of the hair tattoos, this list of 45 intriguing undercut hairstyles with hair tattoos for women should definitely give you some pretty good ideas overall. After all, you do not need to go for a bob to show them off either!

Short Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos

#1: Greyish Tribal Pixie Cut Hair Tattoo

The tribal style of the geometric lines appearing like multiple arrowheads on this gorgeous pixie that more resembles a boycut is pretty badass, inspiring one to chop up their hair again. It does not have anything special to it other than the fact that the shaved hair tattoo exudes a certain amount of confidence and presents a strength of character that might not show otherwise. It is a look not many ladies will go for, but it is certainly a safer bet than many other undercut hairstyles we are yet to see.

#2: Stars and Stripes Greyish Pixie Undercut

With a lovely pixie look and a grey canvas appearing on a youthful woman, this artistic hair tattoo design is a double star fading away into the nape with double stripes, the latter falling above the right ear and the former well behind.

The slight purple tones to the grey add a touch of adolescence to it all, while the cut itself makes the stripes visible but leaves the stars hidden under the fringe. It is an adorable look, without a doubt. That is one simple but lovely barber art.

#3: X-Files Magic Layered Wavy Cut

Longer in front, shorter in the back, this gorgeous rainbow colored undercut hairstyle covers up a scene from the X-files and some funky alien invasions. The scenario box made into a triangle that is shaved close, the home, trees and UFO are clearly present when you pull up the Arctic Fox colored hair. You might not be into the holographic color but cannot deny the beauty of a whole scene depicted.

#4: Colorful California Hair Pixie Undercut

Screams are definitely in order for this delectable hairstyle that appears as if we are in Candyland. Blue, pink and purple on top, with zigzag hair tattoo patterns on the undercut in pink, purple, green and blue underneath, this look is mega sexy and all about the attitude.

Hair tattoos just got an upgrade here and Instagrammers have really been loving the look. Wear with thick and large gold earrings for extra effect.

#5: Stairway to Nowhere Pixie Haircut

Extremely short in the cut with more of a Mohawk than a pixie, this super cool undercut hairstyle features a shaved nape, clippers used all over the back of the head starting from above the ears, and lots of tiered triangles that make for a 2D stairway to the brain perhaps. It’s a rebellious sort of hair tattoo design and some slick barber art, so you can have fun with your triangles as well.

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Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.