45 Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos for Women With Short or Long Hair

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#6: Sound Waves Side Hair Tattoo

If you don’t want your hair tattoos to be hiding under your hair and prefer to leave your tresses down to your shoulder, the side shave is probably your best bet. It has a fun aspect to it, racy and rebellious, shown off to the world with style and totally following the hair trends. The waving shave allows for the cut to almost emulate sound or real waves, but since it appears like the perfect rave look, we opt for the former.

#7: Taper Fade Side to Under Pixie Cut

Pixie haircuts can be quite fun, but what makes them even more alluring is the use of a side tattooed undercut in order to create a tapered striped look that screams confidence and everything chic. It works best on darker hair and the combination of side and under only adds to its appeal.

#8: Flower of Life Side Undercut Hair Tattoo

With most of the purple locks pulled to one side, we see a rather darling look that also utilizes the mandala or flower of life design for a striking undercut hair tattoo. It is beautiful to say the least and with the ombre lilac and amethyst combination, there is quite the witchy feel around this neck length loose hair look from the side.

#9: Key to My Mind Hair Tattoo

Love the look of the Mohawk and how it frees the sides of the head for some shaved-in hair tattoos? You are certainly not the only one! The Ladyhawk is the longer, female version of the Mohawk and appears quite fierce as well as trendy, with some looks also including fun allegories; in this case, it is the key to one’s mind that you can find on the side shave, bright and waiting to be used.

#10: Faded Side Buzz Ladyhawk

Gorgeous women with short hair are everywhere, but there are too few rocking the Ladyhawk look, complete with a faded buzz across the sides of the head and down to the nape, the hair at the center pulled up into wispy spikes; nice and long. The use of lines running across the length of the side of the head is exactly what we need to see here, minimal and sexy all at once.

Women's Short Undercut Hairstyles with Hair Tattoos


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Written by Megan Taylor
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