How to Maintain Awning Screen


Do you know what are awning screens and how they can be used? If no, then read the complete article to know about the awning screen overview

Awning screens are used almost by every individual. Awning screens are transparent curtains that are put across your windows or doors. They are attached to your window from inside or outside the house. It can be easily attached and removed. The main reasons for using awning screens are to avoid excessive sun heat, maintain privacy, and keep bugs and mosquitoes at bay. They are transparent sheets that come in both plain and netted texture. The netted texture awning screens are more popular as they do not stop the place from getting good ventilation. 


When you have successfully attached the screen on your window you can start making its use. All you have to do is when the screen is not in use you can roll it up on the top of the window from the outer area. And if you want to use it again roll the awning screen down from the top side of the window. This is something simple and easy like never before. 


The maintenance of awning screens is very easy. Since the screens are made up of plastic and cotton they are waterproof, heatproof and can be easily washed. All you have to do is detach the screen from the window and wash it carefully at home like you wash your clothes. Few screens are huge and cannot be cleaned at home. For this, the awning screen company will provide you with maintenance services of the product. They will come to your place, clean the awning screen and install it back on the window. The maintenance service differs from company to company. 


 The working of the awning screen depends on what kind of screen you are using. There are two types of screens. The one with plain texture and the other one with netted texture. Let’s study the benefits of both. 

KEEPS THE INSECTS AT BAY: The main advantage of using netted awning screen is you can prevent the uninvited guests from entering your house. This screen helps in filtering the air and allowing only the fresh oxygen to enter the house. This even filters insects like bugs and mosquitoes and thus helps you to keep your house insect-free. 

REDUCES THE HARSH SUNBEAM: The main reason why people use awning screens is to give shade to the house. This is mainly installed to prevent excessive harsh sun rays from entering the place. When the sun is not playing its role you can roll the awning screen as it is too flexible and easy to use. 

MAINTAIN PRIVACY: If you are a private person and prefer too much of privacy at home or your workplace this is something made for you. When you install this screen the person standing out cannot see anything on the inside of the screen. But the ones who are inside the house can have the view of everything happening outside the house without any hindrance. 

Written by Megan Taylor
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