Happy Fashion News During Coronavirus


What do fake Gucci, pearls, Billie Eilish, Baby Yoda, and Donald Trump all have in common? They are all covered with face masks, which – as more states imposed their utilizations – you can easily assume here to live safely.

Companies are still finding out the way to strike a stability between making money in Covid-19 pandemic and producing items that help people who need face masks.

At the same time, some new items are eliciting intrigued responses from people on the internet.

Plenty of retailers are now selling face masks fashioned with color schemes and designs that allow you to combine and match with your clothes. And if you choose one of these from, you most likely wish to keep it forever as a memento. This way you may remind yourself a couple of years in the future that yes, this happened, it was real. Technically.

Rewind to the pastimes of spring, people would have been amazed to see protective face masks on the market offered by their favorite designer brands and stores. But since the coronavirus outbreak has changed almost every facet of our daily lifestyles, a growing number of fashion companies are adding face masks to their supplies.

These retailers have changed the fashion landscape so far:

·         A leopard-print face mask rests side-by-side with bodycon outfits on Boohoo’s “new in” page, and attractive printed face masks are offered from cult US label Reformation.

·         German giant Zalando has sold face masks in an array of eye-catching colors since the end of April.

·         A pack of 2 face covers in black is currently out of stock on Asos.

Let’s have a look who has been helping people to live in style in the current pandemic:


As you might imagine, Etsy offers the most ingenious and inventive collection of face masks, since designers make them in many countries. Don’t forget that you can find local areas by modifying your location (here in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Houston).

American Trench

Manufactured in New Jersey, American Trench facemasks are available in Grey Neoprene and Red/Navy Nylon (with olive straps). If they are sold out, don’t be anxious — they re-stock usually.

Nili Lotan

Ever heard of Nili Lotan? It is this fun online store in New York, I guess, and they control most of its inventories, especially the Nili Lotan Giving Back face mask. They are most likely listening to our emotions, and they have some cool face masks. Oh and on top of that, they donate 15% of their incomes to hospitals in NY to help fight the Coronavirus. 

Mother Denim

The particular” Don’t Spray It” assortment of face masks is available in two-packs, has both denim and floral designs, and costs $20.

Demand Is Still Growing

Outfitted with all the mandatory materials, fashion companies are well-placed to fulfill and step in demand for face masks.

Manufacturing face masks may seem more manageable than you think – people want them, and merchants can make them.

But the ones selling face masks run the risk of being falsely accused of profiteering from the outbreak.

Companies should also communicate evidently with people that these face covers won’t be the same as medical items and don’t replace other safety precautions, such as social distancing measures and frequent handwashing.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.