What You Should Wear for A Casino Night Out


From the Viva Las Vegas to the wild Westers, over the century of cinema, the casino scene has been an iconic movie moment. Everyone is dressed so gorgeously in beautiful dresses and designer tuxes. Undoubtedly, a night in the casino is a chance to dress up and have fun playing amazing casino games. If you are planning to visit a casino and completely lost when it comes to proper dressing, then this article will definitively help you to understand the stylish casino dress code. 

Type of Casino you are visiting

Your casino attire is based on the type of casino you are visiting. For instance, some casinos are all about glitz and glamor. So, women can go with a sequin dress, or a metallic top and pair it with some classy heels.

If drawing attention is not your motive, then you can go with sophisticated options. Ladies can go with pencil skirts, or dark trousers paired with a classy top whereas men can go with sophisticated casino style dark trousers, dark dress shoes, and a button-down shirt.

However, not many casinos accept casual dressing. But if you are going to one that offers such dressing then ladies can wear a maxi dress and pair it with a nice denim court along with wedge or flat sandals. (Avoid wearing strapless dresses). On the other hand, men can go for khakis and wear them with a soft-fabric polo shirt or a casual button-down shirt. Hawaiian shirts are the best alternative when going to casual casinos.

For Ladies

Women always want to look classy and stylish. So, when visiting a casino they should wear something that should be perfectly fit. Avoid using too loose or too tight clothes. The following are a few ideas to choose from.

Black Tie Gown

Wearing a gown with a floor-length is classy. Although you can wear any colour, in casinos, you should always wear something like bottle green, black, red or blue. Pair these night light colours with some elegant accessory and you are good to go.

A cocktail dress

Another option to wear in a casino is a cocktail dress. It is not much revealing yet gives you a classy look. Whether you are going to a formal or semi-formal casino, a cocktail dress will make you look nice.

High waist pants with a nice Blouse

High waist jeans with a nice crop top or a decent blouse paired with nice heal look super cool. You can also wear golden or silver coloured tops and take a clutch that matches with your dress or trendy jewelry.

Offshoulder tops or dress

This is another perfect attire you can wear while going to the casino. You can pair it with an elegant and nice neckpiece, a sling bag and nice heels.

No matter if you are visiting formal or semi-formal casinos, one thing is common, you might be standing for a long time. So, it is advised to wear comfortable shoes that won’t hurt or bite you.

For Men

When it comes to formal wear for men, it is quite strict. They need to be more precise when it comes to going casinos. So, following are a few outfit ideas men can wear for a casino night out.

Formal shirt with trousers/jeans

Many men don’t like to wear formals. However, that doesn’t mean that it will restrict you from entering a casino. You can wear semi-formal attire such as trousers or jeans with a formal shirt. This is highly comfortable and makes you look dapper as well. Make sure to wear night colours to make you look even more appealing. 


To enhance your look, you can also wear a hat. It makes you look like a gentleman. But while wearing a hat, make sure to wear complete formal attire as it complements it even more.

Actually, anything you wear in a party will suffice for a casino. Wear something that makes you feel confident, great and comfortable. Think of smart jeans, dress jackets, playsuits or shirts and play it safe with darker colours.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.