7 Babymoon Gift Ideas for the Expectant Mother


How about a trip for the expectant parents before the birth of the baby? Recently, babymoons have become a growing trend among expectant mothers and their partners. It’s a relaxing getaway and a transition for when the couple becomes a family.

If you can afford a getaway and the doctor has cleared you/your wife to travel, then, by all means, plan a short trip. It doesn’t have to be at a far-off, exotic location. Somewhere local and nearby, just for both of you to unwind and relax, is a great way to spend these last few months as a couple before the little bundle of joy comes along.

Keep in mind that babymoons can only be done in the earlier part of the pregnancy as travel could be restricted for mothers in their third trimester. If you know of an expectant mother going on a babymoon holiday, here are seven babymoon gift ideas that you can get her to show your concern and love. These gifts won’t only make the mother-to-be happy but special, too.

Maternity swimwear and lingerie

What better way to get ready for a babymoon than with maternity swimwear? There’s plenty of comfortable and stylish swimwear suited for the growing baby bump that comes in various sizes. Maternity swimwear is probably the last thing that an expectant mother would think about buying for herself, so why not surprise her with some cool swimwear?

The same can be said for maternity lingerie. Expectant mothers become a little bit more conscious of their growing bodies, so why not make her feel sexy and hot in tasteful, classy, and sassy maternity lingerie? This is a great idea for a wife, partner, friend, sister, colleague even. Just make sure you know your social boundaries before getting them lingerie.

Pregnancy pillow

When it comes to sleeping, pregnant women sometimes find it a little difficult to adjust, especially with their growing bump. It demands extra comfort, care, and concern for a good night’s sleep. A pregnancy pillow is just gold for this purpose, as it’s designed to provide coziness and comfort while sleeping. Pregnancy pillows are shaped like a horseshoe and are created to provide back and head support for better breathing. It also gives enough support for the bump with the extra-long midsection that contours toward the tummy, providing comfort no matter what direction to snuggle and sleep in. This pillow is designed according to the shape and contour of a pregnant woman’s body, from the head all the way to the toes, allowing the expectant mother to attain the right position and height according to her body. Most pillows come with a washable and removable cover and can be used for sleeping and relaxing.

Prenatal spa massage and vitamins

Gift the mommy-to-be with a spa session for her babymoon! If you know the place or destination she will be going to, call to check if they provide a prenatal spa massage. Most spas offer this service, so you just need to call in and check. Prenatal spa massages help soothe a mother’s changing body and help her mentally and physically prepare for labor. You can gift this spa massage anytime, even if it’s not for a babymoon. Along with that, prenatal vitamins can also be a great gift. Just make sure to check with the expectant mother on what vitamins she needs and what her doctor prescribes. There are a lot of considerations when purchasing vitamins and supplements for expectant mothers, so make sure to do your homework before you get any supplements. Speak to her, or check with your own doctors or health care providers. Even pharmacists would be able to give recommendations on what would suit a pregnant mother.

Body butter

Women, pregnant or not, love having their skin soft, glowing, and beautiful. A pregnant woman deserves pampering more so now than ever before. Body butter helps to soothe and condition skin before pregnancy, and it also helps to nourish and restore the skin’s elasticity after pregnancy. Find a body butter that has natural ingredients and made with shea butter and vitamin E, cocoa, and jojoba butter. A fragrance-free and natural formula are best as it helps keep the skin, especially around the belly, to be smooth and supple. You also don’t want a body butter that contains petrolatum, phthalates, or parabens as this can cause skin irritation. Burt’s Bees Body butter is an excellent choice for pregnant women as it contains 99% natural ingredients.

Maternity wear

Just like getting lingerie and swimsuits, maternity wear is also essential for a mom-to-be. There are plenty of choices for maternity wear today, from stretchable jeans, dresses for work and parties, and dinner dresses, so if you know the dress size of the expectant mother, get her some stylish maternity wear. Better yet, go shopping with her! Don’t forget maternity pajamas while you’re at it. Cozy and comfortable pajama sets with elastic waistbands are needed for a good night’s sleep. It’s also convenient for after she gives birth, as the new mother is getting used to having her baby around, nursing them, and also getting comfortable in her post-baby body.

Maternity photoshoot

Well, what better way to capture the entire babymoon experience than having a maternity photoshoot! The months leading up to the due date are filled with excitement, joy, and changes as the baby grows, and the expectant parents learn new things about each other and becoming a parent. You can organize a maternity photoshoot for the expectant couple by hiring a professional photographer, or if you’re the partner to the mom-to-be, organize one or do it yourself! The latest smartphone models make it easy to capture professional-looking photos, so if you’ve always wanted to dabble in photography, this is the time. Make this experience even more special by doing the photoshoot by yourself.

Baby clothes for the newborn

This is one of the perfect gifts for parents-to-be. Purchasing cute baby girl outfits such as https://bitsybugboutique.com/collections/baby-girl-outfits or baby boy outfits help the parents-to-be in terms of time and money. While preparing the baby’s room, babyproofing the house, and buying baby essentials, the parents-to-be will be grateful for any new baby clothes that come their way for their newborn clothing collection.

All the gift ideas above are excellent, not only for babymoons, but also for baby showers, Mother’s Day gifts, and even a birthday present for the expectant mother. Showing your love, concern, and being there for the mother-to-be is always a welcomed gesture, and gifting them something is just one way of showing you care.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.