7 Reasons Photoshoots are the Latest Gifting Trend


These days, there is a photoshoot for every occasion. You can’t scroll through Instagram without seeing a collection of professional photoshoots that one of your friends has had done. They are hugely popular and it is easy to see why – with specialist photography lighting and expert editing skills, you are left with beautiful pictures that you can treasure forever.

Whether you hang them on the wall, keep them in a photo album or just post them on your social media account, you can look at them whenever you want to. Also, if you are looking for great gift ideas for family and friends, you cannot go wrong with a photo shoot – they will be thrilled with the more personal and sentimental gifts you could offer.

Here are some of the most popular trends for photoshoots, nowadays:

Family portrait

Capturing generations of family members, all spruced up and looking their best from grandma to the newest addition to the family, this is a classic photoshoot.

However, it could even be just a smaller family shoot, but it is still a lovely way to capture a moment in time and a good excuse to get everyone together for a happy event.

Then, in the end, you will receive the perfect keepsake which is a great gift to give (especially to mums!).

Newborn photoshoot

Probably one of the most popular types of photography at the moment, newborn shoots are so precious. They allow new parents to have a special day of just them and their baby, but also to soak up the newborn stage, which seems to go by all too quickly in a haze of nappy changing, feeds and sleepless nights.

Therefore, having something you can look back on (when you have enjoyed a bit more sleep!) allows you to beautifully reflect as parents on a special time that passes by in the blink of an eye.

1 year old cake smash shoot

Most parents use the images from this type of shoot for their baby’s 1st birthday party invitations. As babies of this age love messy play, it is a fantastically fun activity that is sure to get some happy, smiley photos – and videos too!

If you have also had a newborn shoot done already, it is a lovely way to reflect on how your baby has changed and grown so much since that tiny baby. You will see their personality reflected more in this shoot, plus they get to eat some tasty cake, too!

Pet portraits

Animal lovers are much more able to show their affection for their four-legged friends, these days, thanks to social media, pet cafes, pet fashion – and now – pet photography. It has always been there, of course, but nowadays, it has taken on a life of its own.

There are lots of different ways of photographing a pet, from the artistic to the cute, but whichever style you opt for, you will not regret it. Pets are members of the family, but only live for a considerably short member of time, so capturing them through the lens is a perfect tribute for them forever.

Engagement pictures

Lots of couples these days like to have a photoshoot to celebrate their engagement, not only as a way of keeping the memory alive but also as a practice run for their big day. It allows them to get comfortable posing together in front of the camera, while many also like to use it an opportunity to flex their creativity.

This means they can choose whether they take more traditional or quirky photos, have them somewhere in the countryside or the city – which might tie into the location of the proposal – or another place that reflects them as a couple. It then gives you a set of photos of just the two of you that you can keep to celebrate your love.

Wedding photography

This then leads us nicely into wedding photoshoots, which are probably the most popular of all types of photography. Going back generations, wedding photographs are one of the oldest traditions in most families. Every grandparent will have a prized collection of photographs from their wedding day and the next generation and the next.

So, it is very important to find a photographer that you feel confident will deliver the best photos for your special day. It is as much about many other aspects of your day too, aside from you both as a couple, including capturing candids of family and friends and those natural, happy moments.

Christmas photoshoot

One firm favorite for gifting has to be pictures from a Christmas photo shoot, which then make the most perfect Christmas gifts.

Grandparents, in particular, will love this shoot with the kids all dressed in either pajamas or ‘Christmas day’ best, in front of scenes of cozy fireplaces and alongside Christmas trees – and even next to Santa in some, or a backdrop of his sleigh being pulled by reindeer in the moonlight!


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