These Emerald Green Makeup Looks Will Brighten Up Your Summer Days

Emerald Green Makeup Looks For Summer

Named after the precious gemstone, emerald green is a bright and vivid, yet rich tone of green. Like all greens, emerald is made by mixing shades of blue and yellow. Playing with the green/yellow ratio you can create a brighter or deeper look. When doing emerald green makeup, feel free to pair this shade with the primary colors that compose it. When in doubt, always think of the colors that compose the secondary and tertiary tones. Those colors will work well together, creating a harmonious makeup look. However, don’t limit yourself to these color combinations. Using colors that are opposite on the color wheel will create a striking contrast and give you a more dramatic look. So, pick the color palette depending on the aesthetic you’re after for your emerald green makeup look. Below, we gathered some of the prettiest emerald green makeup looks to get your inspiration going.

emerald green makeup looks for summer
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Emerald green is a versatile flattering and wearable tone. Subtly-hued emerald green shimmers can easily replace your go-to gold glam.

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