Why is Writing so Important?


Texts are a means of transmitting messages and writing is that expression tool to which everyone has the right of access. Therefore, since we were little we learned to read and write, we are taught how to express ourselves well through words. Most of us are taught to be an essay writer, at least in our school.

Writing aids our reasoning ability and directs the articulation of a coherent discourse.

These skills will be charged to students in academic and professional spaces, which is why there is such a demand for a good textual production in the largest and most comprehensive evaluation exam in the country.

From that, you can start to understand the importance of writing in school, right?

How important is writing in school?

The production of texts is charged during the education of young people. Not only in English classes, writing is present in practically all subjects, whatever it is. By writing, you will get used to expressing all your ideas and opinions, as one of the requirements for how education can shape human character. Education is an idea and ideas can be conveyed through writing.

It turns out that the newsroom is of a specific genre and charged with its particularities. The textual type in question is the dissertative-argumentative. There is always an obligation, for example, to present intervention proposals at the end.

Well, it seems easy, but it is not, if we reflect that the exam has been demanding in its evaluation proposal, and it would be up to schools to take a course aimed only at preparing students for the specific writing of this production model, right? This proposal tends not to be applicable to institutions, which leads the same teacher who teaches all other contents of the English subject to have to apply and correct numerous texts, in more than one class that has an average of 30 students.

The volume of texts is enormous, the feedback is slow and not always as complete as the teacher would like it to be. This has compromised the performance of many students, as they arrive unprepared for a test of the dimension like the one in question.

How to work on writing in school?

We already know the importance of writing in school. But, after all, how to work this in the school environment? Writing is practical, and it is essential that the school implements programs and activities to make writing part of students’ routine from an early age.

In addition, it is very important to analyze student performance data to work on the main points.

For example: if by correcting the essays of a specific class according to the writing skills, the teacher realizes that the competence is a common challenge for almost all students, he can create solutions to improve student performance in a more assertive way .

We hope you have understood even more the importance of writing in schools! Thank you for reading and good luck!

Written by Megan Taylor
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