8 Writing Rules for Entrepreneurs


Writing is an art that has not changed over the years. ’The pen is mightier than the sword’ is a quote that is embedded deep down into people’s lives. Business writing has grown to a whole new level even in the times of Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Written records hold more importance and power in the business field over verbal communication. Sometimes people believe that they cannot express themselves enough by their writing techniques.

Therefore, you need to train yourself with the specific rules of business writing and how to effectively convey your message. This article to enlighten you on the rules of effective business writing. It will also help you to write professional business letters.

1. Brief But Specific

In business writing, whatever you are writing should follow a particular order. It should also include accuracy, comprehensiveness, honestly, and clarity. Also, you cannot write 10 pages because nobody would read that. Therefore, your writing should be brief. But, you have to specify your reason. In other forms of writing, you may try to mention your point briefly but with an impact (a story).

2. Word Limit

Too less or too much is bad. 600-800 words seem like an acceptable word limit for blogs. It should not look too much text at once. Divide your text, put pictures or graphs, anything that depicts your texts. In case of a business letter, you should limit your word limit to 200-300 words (one page). Business proposals or schemes have distinct word limits and structure to follow. Stick to the framework of your business writing and you would never fail.

3. Bulleted Lists

A bulleted list is the best way to divide your text into points. That will make it clear and easy to understand. Make sure your points are not too long (not more than 100 words). While you are preparing your business proposal don’t forget about essays and check out this web link now. Also, you may start your bulleted list with a text of what the points are about. Don’t add too many points in your list (5-10 points is good).

4. Provide Headers

As you are preparing your bulleted list, you must provide headers for each point. That makes it easy for the readers to get a gist of it at a glance. Make sure your headers are short and informative. A quality writer knows how to draw attention just by the spunk in his/her headers. As far as business writing is concerned, a business proposal definitely would require bulleted lists and headers. Make sure they are informative and to-the-point.

5. Active or Passive Voice

Well, most of the time, the writers are in a flow and don’t give much attention to the voice of the writing. That is a mistake. If you decide to write, the second thing you must be sure about is the weather to use an active or passive voice. In a business paper, passive voice is the best, it has a formal and neutral tone. While any other non-academic writing is better with an active voice. It sends a more powerful and direct message to the audience. Also, it helps to engage the audience.

6. Examples

This advice works for bloggers and non-academic writing. To prove your point, you must include several examples from real-life situations. If they don’t understand what you are trying to say, the examples can help provide some clarity to the point.

7. Actual Words, not Made-up

It is very important to use actual existing words and not the words that you use while texting. Proper wording and grammar are crucial for maintaining the quality of any type of article. Even in blogs, do not add words like ‘ur’, ‘tnx’ or ‘sry’. Also, phrases like ‘7ish’ don’t work so well in the written word. Those phrases sound fine when you say them.

8. Adverbs

They may seem to uplift your writing but they actually diminish the quality of your paper. Too many adverbs or more than 2 adverbs in the same sentence don’t send a strong message. Use them only when necessary (when you have no choice). In business articles, adverbs are just a waste of words.

Those are some common rules which young entrepreneurs tend to forget while writing a business document. They are simple yet efficient ways of delivering your message to the world. Writing is important for many professions like for nurses, doctors, teachers, and other academic fields. Writing is the best way to vent out your emotions towards anybody and everybody.

The best thing about writing is that you can say things to the world without being angry or showing your real emotions. It might take a while to master the skill of writing. Honestly, mastering something like writing is quite difficult because there is no limit to what writing should be like. So, just continue your writing and follow the rules above.

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Susan Wallace is one of the best writers and bloggers. From a very young age, she kept a diary and recorded her feelings and emotions throughout the day. That always helped her to calm down. Taking a hint from her diary, she took a path of helping people with professional business writing. Her blogs have helped many in need.

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