How the Phone Case Has Become Such an Important Fashion Accessory

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Traditionally speaking, fashion accessories have been a way to accentuate a look and add to an ensemble, with jewelry and bags being among the go-to forms of accessory. However, there is much more to one’s style now, with a certain pocket item helping to define our look while also being a key part of our lives.

It certainly isn’t a traditional facet of fashion, but mobile phones are so frequently used and on show that your phone can’t be overlooked as being a part of your style, as explained by the Wall Street Journal. While certain phones hold different personas due to the brand on the device, it’s the accessory’s accessory – the phone case – that you can utilize as a part of your look.

So, how has the simple phone case become a potential fashion accessory, and are there any emerging phone fashion trends already in place?

Your phone is always out and always in use

Mobile phones have been necessities for a couple of decades now, needed just in case someone ever needed to text or call. But over the last ten years, or so, the devices have transformed tremendously to become more powerful than some older computers. There are, of course, competing brands like Apple, Samsung, and Huawei, but people can use the device extensively regardless of the manufacturer.

Phones have now become a part of just about everything that we do, including business, socializing, research, internet browsing, organizing, alarms, music, video, and gaming. You might be on public transport, responding to work emails. Instead, you could be in a cafe and playing trending games, perhaps dabbling in the relentlessly popular bingo or taking it further with the slots mash-up of Slingo Bingo. As you spin the reels and mark off the numbers you have on your card, because you’re out and about, people are taking note of the phone case you have on show.

Phone cases are unable to be passive or easily missed: when you use your phone, there’s a good chance that people coming to see or talk to you will see the back of your phone before they see your face. Knowing this, people have decided to accessorize their cases, using them to enhance their fashion statement.

Phones cases as fashion is a growing trend

Phone case designs started out primarily to appeal to young women, with lots of pink and floral patterns, but the scene has expanded exponentially for just about any preference to have an applicable phone case. Some like their phone case’s color scheme to match that of their outfit, or at least their bag, while others opt for a more straightforward statement with text, sayings, and slogans printed on the back.

Always looking for new ways to push fashion forward, you can bet that big-name brands have already started to explore this space. A few years back, the ever-experimental Louis Vuitton was among the first to try to bring phone cases into the high-end fashion scene. The design came in the form of the Eye-Trunk iPhone case, which featured the intricate details found on an original Louis Vuitton trunk.

The popularity and usage of mobile phones have already transcended the device from accessory to necessity, meaning that using it as a fashion accessory will only become more common and well-practiced.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.