The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing Designer Watches for Women


Often, men buy watches more than is the case with women. Many watch advertisements are dominated by men too. In the past, a big percentage of women’s watches were scaled-down renditions of men’s watches. However, this is fast changing with many manufacturers striving to produce designer watches for women. 


Choosing an ideal style for women is critical. While many watches in the market are round, some women prefer bold and square-shaped watches. Rectangular watches are also stylish and curvy pieces can help you make a statement. You can choose other incredible pieces depending on your preferences.

The different types of watches available can vary from daily wear, casual, and functional designer watches for women. Some women are comfortable wearing casual and sporty watches.

There are different types of casual watches in the market. Some of them feature large and easy to read dials while others come with medium-sized ones. Casual watches hardly have adornments or jewels and are ideal for daily wear in the workplace that has a casual setting or dress code.

Sports watches, on the other hand, feature large dials that are easy to read. Sporty and active women prefer these types. Many times, jewelry watches feature platinum or gold, sapphires, pearls, diamonds, and other precious stones or gems.

These are more formal and can be exclusive in terms of charm and design. Some watches come with dial decorations which make them more beautiful. You can also purchase fashion watches which are often known as dress watches.

These are trendy and often produced by famous luxury fashion brands. You can use fashion watches for daily or casual use. Owning these high-end designer watches for women helps you express trendiness, brand name acknowledgment, and visual appeal. 

Classic or Designer

There are various considerations you should make when buying a women’s watch. For instance, a popular brand may not offer everything a woman needs from a watch. Many people have the perception that designer watches for women are overly expensive which is not the case. Today, you can get a wide variety of designer watches at affordable prices.

Designer watches available in the market are made of high quality and durable materials. According to experts in the watch manufacturing industry, you can easily purchase an overpriced item without suspecting. When purchasing designer watches, you want to exercise caution to ensure that what you are paying for is worth every coin. 

Wrist Size

According to experts, women’s wrists vary between 5 and 7 inches circumference wise. Many women’s watches are between 22 to 33mm in diameter depending on the watchmaker and style. Women with petite wrists of between 5 and 6 inches should choose smaller watches measuring between 22 and 28mm. 

Bracelet or a Strap?

Various types of bracelets are used in women’s watches. These can either be linked or in a single stainless steel band. This trend is often noticeable with gold bracelets or those that are made from a combination of platinum and gold.

Bracelets are often included in formal watches and are many times the go-to choice when it comes to choosing fashion watches. Often, straps come in leather material and can be quite stylish.

You can choose from the various straps available; such as those that match the dials. Often, daily or casual wear watches come with a strap just as is the case with some fashion watches.


One of the critical factors to consider when it comes to buying designer watches for women is the movement. Decide whether you want quartz or mechanical movement. A mechanical movement watches are conventional albeit carefully engineered.

These, however, are not as accurate as of the more innovative quartz watches. Quartz watches are more reliable, practical, less costly, and require less maintenance. Still, many women today choose mechanical movement watches as a result of careful craftsmanship and tradition.


Good quality designer watches are ideal and can be used as beauty pieces as well. Women can use these as accessories. Many women today own more than one pair of watches with some purchasing a specific watch for different occasions or specific outfits. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.