Safety and Responsibility Regarding Marijuana Use


As marijuana laws change in different states throughout America, more people are beginning to try the substance for different purposes. There’s plenty of incentive for utilizing the drug after all, with studies showing real medical and psychological benefits in addition to enjoying the substance recreationally.

While there’s certainly less risk with cannabis than with substances like alcohol or tobacco, there are still things you have to keep in mind in order to stay safe and responsible. Even prescription medications can have side effects and guidelines for use, so of course drugs of this nature are no different.

Know the Varieties

There are many different options when it comes to consuming marijuana. Not only are there different strains of the cannabis plant and different methods of cultivating and processing it, but there’s also a wide variety of products that include marijuana.

Perhaps the most common or at least most well-known method of marijuana consumption is smoking. This method is mainly for recreational use, but some individuals who use marijuana to ease anxiety smoke as well. Usually, a manually rolled paper joint or a glass “bowl” or pipe is used to inhale the smoke produced by burning the substance. This option obviously has its setbacks, as smoke inhalation of any kind isn’t healthy and can lead to problems in the future. That being said, smoking cannabis has proved to be less harmful than smoking tobacco products like cigarettes.

Another popular option is edibles infused with marijuana. There are plenty of varieties of edibles, from brownies baked at home to mass-produced candy like the Delta 9 gummy. These edibles can contain different strains, blends, and potencies of cannabis for different effects and uses. For example, some edibles may contain THC, the chemical in cannabis that produces an intoxicating effect, but they can also contain only CBD, another chemical in the plant that doesn’t produce the same high.

There are even a few topical options for those who don’t want to actually ingest marijuana. Though these topical products do not contain THC for the most part, they can still produce the medicinal benefits often associated with cannabis. CBD oils can be a great option for individuals considering using marijuana for its calming or pain-relieving properties.

Sourcing the Goods

If you’re considering trying marijuana or any products containing it, you always need to make sure you’re getting your items from safe and reliable sources. It may be frustrating trying to work around laws that seem to change frequently, but you need to make your health and safety your top priority.

The most common way to legally obtain cannabis and cannabis products is via stores called dispensaries. Depending on the area, dispensaries can sell different strains and varieties of CBD products as well as THC products where recreational use is legal. It’s very important that you do your research before buying from any dispensary to make sure the operation is completely legal and regulated. You can search online to ensure stores have the proper licenses needed to distribute these products and even look up where they source their cannabis to determine the legitimacy of the business. If you have a bad feeling about a certain place, even if they show all the required credentials, trust your instincts and try to find somewhere else.

No matter where you look for marijuana products, make sure it’s completely legal. This isn’t just for the sake of following the law, but for your safety as well. Luckily many states are legalizing the use of marijuana, at least for medicinal use, and while it may be tempting to purchase from other sources if it’s still illegal where you live, be aware that there are some serious risks to buying from these illegal sources. If distributing marijuana isn’t legal, that means it isn’t being regulated. In other words, no one is checking the safety of these products or ensuring they aren’t laced with another drug that can be extremely dangerous. Always be careful and try to find legal, verified sellers.

The Right Time and Place

As with any other substance, there are situations where you shouldn’t be using marijuana, particularly THC, and there are also things you shouldn’t do while intoxicated. It’s always important to use recreational marijuana responsibly to avoid any accidents or harm.

You should be aware of how marijuana affects you if you’re using products with THC regularly. You can try experimenting with small doses in safe and controlled environments to start and note afterward how you felt, how it affected your thinking, and how long the high lasted. Everyone’s bodies are different and will react to substances differently as well, so it’s important to know what varieties and doses are safe and comfortable for you. This way you’ll be informed of how to safely use marijuana in the future. As a general rule, always try to moderate your usage and not go overboard. Monitor your health in the event you develop any respiratory issues that may be worsened by smoking.

Driving of course should never be done under the influence of any intoxicating substance. We know that drunk driving is extremely dangerous and should never be done, but driving while high can be dangerous as well and should also be avoided. It may feel like driving high isn’t nearly as risky as driving drunk, but in reality, marijuana can impair your reaction time, motor skills, focus, and mental reasoning, which are all crucial while driving. You should always have a designated driver or another form of transportation if you’re going to ingest marijuana outside of your home.

Cannabis can be beneficial to one’s health, mental state, and overall mood, and with far fewer risks than with legal substances like alcohol or tobacco, there’s no wonder why more states are legalizing the drug. Despite its benefits, it’s still extremely important to use marijuana safely and responsibly.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.