Tape hair extensions from a hair salon perspective

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It is fast and easy to put on. The customer will come back every 2 months to put it back.

It is uncommon for clients to walk into the hair salon and complain that their hair is too thick or too long. The most usual clients are those struggling with styling or managing their thin or flat hair and they are looking for volume, lengthy and bouncing hair. That is when they sought out the services of a professional who can help them achieve the desired results.

This is where the services of a skilled hairstylist come in, to transform their look using tape in hair extensions from this shop. Although they are easy and quick to install, they look great when installed at a hair salon by a professional. They will hardly be visible to the naked eye and blend in with the client’s natural hair. Tape hair extensions come in a wide variety of shades and colours. They are a stylists dream because when consulting with a client, you can explain to them how to take care of the hair and the extensions and upsell extra products.

When installing tape in hair extensions at a hair salon, you can address all the clients concerns. Any type of hair extension has positives and disadvantages and tape in hair extensions are no exception to this. Because hair salons employ trained professional stylists, these are some of the advantages of installing tape in hair extensions at a salon. Firstly they are comfortable and lightweight when properly installed. Secondly you cannot see them through the naked eye. Thirdly, the client can reuse them if they were installed correctly, well cared for and professionally removed. This leads to repeat business for the hairdresser.

Lastly, tape in hair extensions are the best solution for fine or thin hair. In fact they are designed to add volume and length. Most importantly they are designed not to damage the client’s natural hair when installed properly. This makes them popular and in demand.

So what could go wrong with these hair extensions? The most embarrassing thing that could happen is that they can fall off. This however should not happen if the installation is done by an expert hairdresser. This is why they are favoured by hairdressers because of repeat business by displaying professional skills.

Another disadvantage is the maintenance that is required to keep them in tiptop shape to maintain their natural look. If they are not washed with the correct hair products, they will come off or tangle very badly. This is why they are known as the top of the range hair extensions if professionally installed and maintained by visiting a good hairdresser every six to eight weeks. Its great business for hair salon owners and stylists. Tape in hair extensions installed correctly by a professional should last up to twelve weeks before you need to replace them. However if your hair is naturally oily, the timeframe is reduced. Its advisable to prewash and prepare the oily hair before the tape in extensions are installed to lengthen the timeframe. The use of sulphate free shampoo is recommended and no use of conditioner at all.

The better informed the client is about the tape in hair extension, it builds a trust relationship between the hairdresser and the client. This will keep them returning for more services. They don’t have to spend hours in the salon because the installation is fast and easy. They can be removed and replaced without any hassle. For lightweight and comfortable hair extensions, hair salons recommend installing hair extensions.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.