The Top 3 Cities worth visiting in the UK

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Coming to the UK for a spot of tourism, and wondering where might the best place to go? While a trip on top of a red double-decker bus to see the houses of parliament and Big Ben might be your first thought, there are a ton of different cities throughout the country with unique offerings worth delving into and enjoying. For inspiration, read on in this short guide, detailing three of the top city’s worth visiting in the UK.


Despite being the easy answer, it wouldn’t be a list of UK tourism without mentioning London, the biggest city and driver of tourism in the entire country by a mile. Not only does the capital account for 13% of the entire country’s population overall (around 8.8 million people – which is also a massive increase over the last decade), but estimates state that around half of all visits to the UK are to London.

Remember, it’s impossible to experience all that London has to offer during one short stay, and so make sure if going to the capital that you plan out what you want to do in advance. Once you’ve got your head around it, the London underground tube service can be a brilliant way of getting about quickly.



A burgeoning northern hub of culture and influence, Liverpool is a city that has one of the best music and nightlife scenes in the country, but it also has much more. Its emerging Baltic Triangle area, one of the most forward-thinking digital hubs in the country, has been voted one of the trendiest places to live by The Times and is filled with excited, quirky and unique bar and restaurant experiences.

Looking forward, Liverpool is one of the most exciting cities in the county in terms of investment and development, and it is increasing in popularity as a place to live and work. In their guide to the area, Liverpool-centred investment company RWinvest state that Liverpool is “a dynamic city full of rich culture and history”, and that it “continues to outrank many other UK areas”. This ultimately means that the city will continue to be popular with tourists, workers and investors alike.



Fans of urban/street art will no doubt be aware of Bristol as a spot worth visiting in the UK, as it is the home of the prolific Banksy – and many of his famous works. Visitors can go on a walking tour of the area to look at his many different pieces, from The Girl with the Pierced Eardrum to the Masked Gorilla. A walk around the city like this is also a good way for visitors to get to grips with the area too, and find some unique bars and restaurants to visit while they’re off the beaten path.

A creative city at heart, street art isn’t the only exciting thing that Bristol has to offer, however. Not only is the city the home to the illustrious Oscar-winning Aardman animations studio (the creative minds behind the Wallace & Gromit series), but it also serves as the birthplace for a ton of independent music acts too – so you can easily find a great band or act on of an evening.

And if you’re staying in the city for more than a single day, you might even want to take a trip down to the iconic and prehistoric Stonehenge site. While you might not be able to climb on the stones anymore, if booking in advance you can still get up close for a great photo opportunity at this historic site.


Written by Megan Taylor
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