6 Latest Must-Have Jewelry Trends in 2020


They say fashion is what you make it. Whether it’s a necklace wrapped around your neck, an earring dangling from your ear, or a shiny ring gracing your finger, fashionable jewelry can elevate your general looks in ways you can’t imagine. And, it doesn’t matter what outfit you are in, some trending pieces of jewelry can significantly amp your appearance.

With just one month into the new year, upgrading your jewelry wardrobe can serve to bring the change and freshness you’ve been looking for. Although you might not do a complete upgrade, some unique, stylish pieces such as earrings can very well do the trick.

As you strive to stay stylish and trendy this season, here is a list of the best jewelry trends to help you stand out throughout the season.


Mixing in some cool pearl jewelry adds just the perfect touch of classiness, ideal for any occasion. Whether you choose to wear pearls with sculptural designs, or ones in unusual shapes, pearl jewelry always brings out the best in your look.

Having a pearl earring collection this season is something you shouldn’t ignore if you intend to look smart and classy for whichever event. Pearls earrings can range from pearl stud earrings, pearl drop earrings, chandelier pearl earrings, to dangle pearl earrings.

And, you have an option to choose from the numerous designs, styles, and colors that you prefer. Whether you need some beautiful dangle earrings that match with your necklace or some classic, diamond-accented designs to sparkle up your look, with pearls, options are limitless.

One of their undisputed strengths is that their color tone goes well with almost anything you wear. Therefore, you don’t have to worry too much about your outfit. You’ll always find something from your pearl earring collection that matches perfectly with your attire.


Though not a new fashion statement, bouncing back to beads is an ideal way to accessorize your wardrobe in 2020. Beads are not only cheap and unique options when it comes to jewelry, but they also produce pieces that fit almost any outfit. For instance, bright-toned beaded earrings can work well with almost anything from a cocktail dress to denim clothing.

Single Earrings

If you want to layer up for unique ear adornment, the single earring is a trend you don’t want to ignore. Single, distinctive jewelry is a statement earring perfect for additional ear piercings.

They come in various options including geometrical, sculptural, and dangling styles, meaning that you are left with a lot of choices when it comes to finding the perfect fit. Whether you have added one, two, or multiple ear piercings, embellishing your earlobes with mix and match single earrings is the most creative personal adornment style.

Shell-Adorned Jewelry

Sometimes fashion goes beyond those expensive diamond pieces. Shell-adorned jewelry is a remarkable cheap natural design. These pieces of jewelry are made from seashell or marine mollusk shells.

They can range from chambered nautilus, the triton shell, to the sundial shell, and they symbolize the womb, fertility, and good fortune. We’ve seen shell parures everywhere, with designers elevating these humble pieces into highly desirable ones.

With a pair of decorated shell earrings, you can rock this sea-inspired charm to that party. Ranging from gold to silver, shell-adorned jewelry makes sure that you stand out and leave a remarkable impression wherever you go.

According to the Lyst search engine, the search for shells had seen a 43% increase since March last year. This clearly indicates how these pieces are becoming more and more popular in the world of fashion.

Hoop Earrings

From asymmetrical shapes, double-helix effect, or even an unexpected curve, hoops have been re-engineered to offer you that fresh look you’ve been looking for.

Hoops can either be oval or round. Depending on the size that you want to adorn your earlobe with, hoop earrings can be worn to either casual, social, or corporate events. 

Clashing Metals Jewelry

If you thought that gold and silver can’t work well together, then you are wrong. The clashing metals style incorporates these two metals in a single piece of jewelry, and the results are amazing. It offers you the ability to play with different patterns and styles to create a unique piece of jewelry.

Mixing silver and gold jewelry helps focus attention on a few body parts. For example, earrings with this combination can bring out an eye-candy contrast that spices up your facial look. Focus on a similar theme, size, or design for a balanced look. This season, why not try mixing these two precious metals for an extra splash of color?


A new year means fresh beginnings and changes in various spheres of life. Fashion is one area that we are definitely bound to see new exciting trends from all corners, especially in jewelry options. Your choice of fashion depicts your character and style. With these incredible ear jewelry statements, you can be sure of expressing your elegance and style the entire season.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.