The 10 Most Flattering Eyeshadow Colors For Brown Eyes

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Having the same eyeshadow color like half of the population doesn’t mean you are less interesting than gals with baby blues. In case you didn’t know, makeup artists love to work with brown eyes – it’s the one eye color that can pull off any eyeshadow. However, if you want to bring all the attention to your gaze, pros suggest carefully picking the color story that will land on your lids. We handpicked the ten best eyeshadow colors that will make you regret saying “Brown eyes are boring.

The first logical color choice to make brown eyes pop? Look in the mirror. The flecks of copper and gold that you might see in your eyes are a great eyeshadow option to accent their natural beauty. These tones simply make brown eyes smolder by bringing out those warm hints they already have. Want something more dramatic? Don’t shy away from rich greens and electric blue eyeshadows. These hues will make your brown eyes the star of the show while brightening up your overall appearance. Want more color options that will accent your gaze? We have listed the best eyeshadows for brown eyes just below the text.

To help them reach their sexiest potential, you need to make thoughtful eyeshadow choices. These flattering eyeshadow colors and palettes for brown eyes we handpicked will make your beautiful brown eyes seem like the rarest of them all.

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