Medium Length Hairstyles You Shouldn’t Miss in 2020

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Medium length hairstyles are reaching new heights in their popularity each day, and there is no wonder why. Not only do such options come with an endless variety of possible hair experiments, but they also help women find the right looks for their lifestyles. Sometimes all you need is a good hairdo that perfectly fits your facial features and goes well with your hair type to change your look for the better. Today, you are going to see what cuts and styles can show the best version of you, according to modern hair professionals.

Having searched the web for the latest medium length hairstyles, we have highlighted some ideas that are going to make heads turn this year. Whether you are looking for some inspiration for hair changes or you are in search of your ideal hairstyle, you are in the right place.

Versatile Medium Length Lob Hairstyles

An elongated version of the classic bob haircut is not going to leave fashion this year. Moreover, beauty experts forecast its huge comeback, as the beauty of simplicity has become more popular than ever. Simple lines, a well-balanced silhouette, and a versatile length that allows for various styles are what make lobs so hip.

Ageless Sleek Bob Hairstyles

Some things just don’t change for their ability to nicely fit into any generation. As a matter of fact, we call such things classic. And a classic bob cut to one length with a slightly curvy edge at the front is the ageless classic in the fashion world. A sleek, shine-reflecting hairstyle has always been the best compliment for this chic haircut, and this year is no exception.

Messy Medium Hairstyles with Bangs

As it turns out, a little touch of messiness is the secret key to building balance. Basically, it doesn’t really matter how old a woman is or what hair type she has, as messy medium length hairstyles have an approach to every lady. Add some bangs to your tousled style, and you will see it take ages.

Volume-Boosting Shaggy Styles

Volume in hair is something that will always be in demand. And even though some women still remember shag as a punk-inspired haircut with choppy tresses, it has changed a lot to fit modern standards. Today, it’s a layered haircut that can whip even the finest mane into a voluminous shape, allowing women to achieve more volume with flat irons and curling wands.

Wavy Medium Length Hairstyles

One of the greatest advantages of wearing medium-length hair lies in its styling flexibility. While women can play around with anything from blowouts to updos, nothing can beat waves on medium locks. Apart from looking attractive and modern, wavy hairstyles add tons of volume and movement regardless of what cut you rock.

Medium Length Hairstyles for Curly Hair

For curly hair, shoulder-length hairstyles also have much to offer. When keeping your hair at a moderate length that doesn’t outweigh your curls, you can reveal the curl pattern you never knew you had. Add some layers that accentuate every single curl, finish everything with a curl-defining product, and you are all set.

Angled Layered Styles for Fine Hair

There are no bad hair types; there are wrong haircuts and hairstyles. For that reason, we want women who feel blue about their fine locks to discover angled layered hairstyles. Even though layers get rid of some weight, they don’t affect the length while lifting the locks up. As for an angled body, it will add some character to those who want to look different in 2020.

Edgy Bob with Flipped Ends for Thick Hair

Flipped ends have been around for a while to leave women speechless this year. In fact, they are a fantastic way to shape unruly tresses and show them who’s boss. At the same time, such texture can serve as a chic finishing touch to bob haircuts.

Asymmetrical Medium Length Hairstyles

If not a hint of imbalance, what can help you create a balanced hairstyle then? More and more celebrities are getting their haircut asymmetrically, as they love how their styles look with an outweighed silhouette.

Wavy Hairstyles with Wispy Bangs

The major reason why women will never stop wearing bangs is their face-framing and beautifying magic. On top of that, there are so many types of fringe to choose from that you can spice up literally any hairstyle. And if you wonder what fringe will work best for wavy hairstyles, look no further than wispy bangs.

Conclusion: Medium length hairstyles are all about styling freedom and getting the most of your appearance. Offering a middle ground between short and long hair, the medium length gives you an easy styling routine of short locks and endless styling variability of a long mane. Cut a long story short, you won’t go wrong with mid-length hair, and today’s ideas are proof.


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