Pantone’s 2020 Color Of The Year Classic Blue Hair Color Ideas

Pantone 2020 Color Of The Year Classic Blue Hair Colors

To be honest, we were a little disappointed when we heard about Pantone’s Color of the Year 2020. The Color Institute announced Classic Blue as the leading shade this year. The first thing we thought? This color doesn’t even have a fancy name like past ones. Rember Rose Quartz, Ultra Violet or Living Coral? Although we expected another fancy name and in-between color, we are glad to take our initial disappointment back. The moment we gave a deeper though to Classic Blue, a few bells rang! The perfect makeup color? A killer dye job? Yes, Classic Blue is all that! And the likes of Billie Elish and Cardi B were way ahead of time, rocking blue hair on more than one occasion. To honor Pantone’s Color of the Year 2020, we gathered the prettiest Classic Blue hair colors. Dive into an ocean of creative possibilities, below.

pantone 2020 color of the year classic blue hair colors
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The Color Institute described Classic Blue as one that “symbolizes protection, stability, peace, and confidence, as well as encouraging deep thinking, open mindfulness, and communication.” Pantone also added that Classic Blue has a velvety texture and salty scent as the ocean. We think this midnight blue dye job is a stunning representation of Classic Blue.

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