Embrace the Ways of India to Look and Feel Healthy


India is seen by many across the world as the epitome of health and wellness teachings. Ancient traditions have been passed down through the generations to help people connect to their mind and body in order to become a better, happier person.

In modern times, many of these teachings have been spread across the world, being gently adjusted to suit new places or changes in technology. Here, we’ll be looking at three of the fundamental teachings of healthy living from India, helping you find more ways to help keep you looking and feeling healthy.

There’s only one place to start: Yoga

Some may dismiss yoga as a strong form of exercise because it doesn’t involve tremendous cardiovascular excursions or weight lifting, but yoga has been proven to be an effective method of increasing physical activity, balance, flexibility, and strength. Yoga is also said to boast many other health benefits outside of general fitness, too, including the ability to ease aches and help those suffering from a lot of stress.

The earliest evidence of yoga dates back to over 5000 years ago, to Northern India. It is here that the idea of ritual sacrifice was taken from the Vedas texts – which contained mantras and rituals – and internalized the idea, teaching people wisdom, action, and self-knowledge through the sacrifice of one’s ego.

Yoga is an exercise of both the body and the mind, with the most common form in the western world being Hatha – which is a more generic approach to any form of yoga that implements the teaching of physical postures. ‘Hot yoga’ is also a popular format in modern yoga, taking place in heated rooms including over 26 poses to really work up a sweat.

Downtime and relaxation is key


Meditation, establishing calmness, and giving your mind and body the chance to rest are all teachings that flow through Indian practices. They’re theories that hold true in more traditional forms of exercise as well, with the need to rest and recover being an integral part of the process of getting fit.

Doing so helps your mind remain in a good state, stops you from getting worked up and stressed to the detriment of your health, and helps your body recover. A popular practice is that of Pranayama, a breathing exercise derived from yoga, which entails inhaling for five seconds and then slowly exhaling after holding your breath.

It’s a sound practice that helps you to calm yourself and your body after great deals of exertion or if bouts of panic or stress are testing your mind and body. To avoid the necessity of such exercises, however, people teach that regular windows of relaxation are very important. Modern life is very testing and almost always unrelenting, so it’s important that you’re able to switch off your mind from those rigors while also relaxing the body.

Regular little breaks will help to keep your mind and body sharp. The trick to achieving this is to distract your mind from everyday life by keeping it occupied in an entertaining way. An increasingly popular go-to source for this is online games such as Blackjack and Poker, as they require thought, strategy and due process to play, but are also entertaining enough to allow you to put everything else to one side for a while.

The right fuel for a healthy lifestyle

Indian food has received a bad rap due to the immense popularity of the cuisine as a takeaway, with the cream-laden curries being the most popular dishes. However, the true Indian diet that many of the nation’s 1.3 billion people adhere to is very healthy.

First, there are the potential benefits that come with eating spicy food, such as boosting your metabolism, helping you to keep a healthy heart, keeping your gut healthy, and promoting weight loss. Then there are the core foods in Indian cuisine.

People are more familiar with the meat in a cream-based curry with rice dishes, but much of the Indian diet is lacto-vegetarian. It features dairy products but strongly discourages the use of fish or meat, instead using a lot of fruit, vegetables, lentils, grains, and healthy fats like coconut oil, according to Healthline.

By adhering to these Indian methods of fitness, relaxation, and diet, you can make yourself look and feel much healthier.


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