The Best Gifts for New Moms


As soon as a woman gives birth to her baby, after months of adoring the little belly bump, the focus shifts entirely to the baby. The baby receives gifts, love, and admiration, but what about the mothers who have endured the nine months of carrying and feeding the child?

Giving birth to a child is a gift in itself for mothers, but they can also do with some actual gifts, right? To find the best gifts for a new mother, browsing online for gifting sites that are dedicated to mothers and baby-related products like Shopmaman is a perfect idea. Such websites do all the research on your behalf to present you with the gifts that are just right for the new mothers.

It makes the process of selecting a thoughtful and reasonably priced gift much faster. In this article, a few of the best gifts any new mom would love to have have been listed.

Alexa Echo

New moms are always up for something that helps them take care of their newborn baby. Having an Alexa Echo would help them operate certain things hands-free, which is a plus point every new mom is in favor of. Shout out a command to turn on the lullaby puts your little one to sleep. It works even if your phone is not within reach or you’re lying down with your baby resting on your chest. If you have smart lights, you would be able the lights off or dim them with a simple voice command. 

Nipple Cream

Breastfeeding is no joke, and it can be painful sometimes. The moms who have raised a child or is raising one would agree to it at the drop of a hat. Breastfeeding can lead to nipples being cracked, torn, and unusually stretched. Giving a jar of organic nipple cream would be a helpful and thoughtful gift for new moms. It would help them get some relief, and even if they are using one currently, it’s always useful to have an extra lying around.


New moms are always struggling to find something to wear as they have put on some extra pounds. Old clothes don’t fit them anymore, and even if they buy a few new ones, there is always room for more. Gifting a couple of tops or dresses of her current size would be welcomed by most new mothers. You may want to ask her size before buying to ensure you don’t end up gifting a size too big or small. 

Tote or Maternity Handbag

Totes or maternity handbags are bigger for accommodating a lot of stuff that new moms carry around, including diapers, a feeding bottle, a water bottle, a pacifier, toys, a breast pump, extra pair of baby clothes, and so on. It needs a bag that has a lot of room, and tote bags or maternity handbags are perfect for it. New moms may just kiss you for being so thoughtful with this gift option.

There are multiple options when it comes to gifting options for new moms, and here we have presented a few popular gifts most new moms prefer. You can browse through online shopping sites like Shopmaman as well to get some unique gifting ideas for new moms and babies


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Written by Megan Taylor
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