4 Ways to Achieve the Gothic Girl Look


We all have our own style, and this style defines us and our personalities. It’s been said that people wear things based on who they are. When it comes to girls, there are several styles they can adopt like tomboy, preppy, businesswoman, gothic, trendy, casual and much more. Choosing a style of your own gives people an idea about your personality and your preferences. In today’s article, we’ve shared 4 ways you can dress-up to achieve a gothic look. Let’s not waste more time and get right to it.

1.      Wear the Right Clothes

Dressing up like a gothic girl is the first thing you need to start doing to look more gothic. To do this, pick your own gothic style, it can be on the Victorian side, steampunk, or something out of your own imagination. You can always get help in styling up on YouTube or read articles and blogs related to dressing more gothic. In addition, try following gothic people on social media or read magazines to get inspiration – that’s always a big help. If you can’t find a decent store to shop gothic then try the Cradle of Goth clothing store; we promise you won’t be disappointed.

2.      Wear Gothic Jewelry

If your trying to achieve a gothic look then start off by purchasing gothic jewelry.  Jewelry that’s black, deep purple and studded always adds value to this look. Chokers are probably the best jewelry item a gothic girl can wear. There are many types of chokers that you can purchase like black chokers, leather chokers, studded chokers and more. Furthermore, add a necklace with a cross to your jewelry collection as well. Wearing a crystal pendant will do well too. Nevertheless, you can also wear poison rings and studded bracelets; the more, the merrier.

3.      Wear Dark Makeup

Clothes and jewelry definitely get the work done for your body, but what about the face? You can’t leave it barren now, can you? Wear gothic-inspired makeup. The best way to do this is to watch YouTube videos; there are thousands of videos and blogs that can guide you on looking more gothic with the right application of makeup. Furthermore, they will be very helpful in assisting you not only to purchase the best products to achieve the gothic look but train you on how to apply makeup with proper skill and technique.

4.      Get the Hair

Last but not least, the hair. Maintain hairstyles that are goth-like. For example, try braiding your hair to one side, or make two braids on either side. You can even choose to wear your hair in dreads or shave certain parts of your head too; the look is yours so be creative and original. If you wish to do more with your hair, try dying them purple or other dark colors you prefer. Similar to the other points mentioned above, get help from YouTube, social media, or friends.