Golf Jackets: Look and Play Stylish

male golf player is putting off a ball from hole

The game of golf has a long tradition of stylish apparel. Tradition plays an important role in every aspect of golf. This is the reason you may find players favoring plaid, tweed, knickers, and caps. Knitted cardigans and two-tone shoes are also part of this style. This style points towards the Scottish roots of the game and the Scottish style of dressing. Golfers of today are more open to new styles and prefer modern designs. Polo shirts with collars and slacks are most common. Golf Jackets are a cool way to upgrade your look and also feel comfortable in adverse weather conditions. William Murray, a premium brand, offers some great options in Golf Jackets to make you look your best!

Need For these Jackets 

Since golf is an outdoor sport, golfers have to keep an eye on the sky. However, gone are the days when players had to stop playing at the slightest hint of bad weather. 


This golf jacket is for hardcore players who love playing in all kinds of weather. It is waterproof even in heavy rains. You will remain completely dry underneath. Gore-Tex is the most effective fabric when it comes to waterproofing. The technology ensures that water remains out but allows air to circulate freely. High-quality waterproof jackets are quite costly, but worth the investment. Look for the manufacturer’s guarantee.


This kind of jacket is different from waterproof jackets. It has a layer of Teflon, or sometimes the fabric is a combination of such material. It keeps water out for short periods but may allow moisture to seep in after prolonged exposure. Rainproof Golf Jackets are lighter in weight and less expensive than waterproof jackets. It is excellent in short and light showers.

Wind or Cold Weather

These jackets protect you from cold and windy conditions. The material used prevents wind from passing but remains breathable and allows air to circulate. They are rarely waterproof. Some do come treated with Teflon to offer some resistance to water. They are not very expensive and are great for cold weather or early morning starts.

Formal Golf Jackets

These are not used while playing the game but are a big part of any player’s formal dressing style. These are generally monogrammed with a player’s or the golf course’s name. Many of the big championships have their jackets, which all players covet. 

Styles of Golf Jackets


This style gives you maximum protection. You should choose the material carefully, keeping in mind the comfort level. It should neither be too loose nor too tight; otherwise, it can hamper the movement.


It is usually thinner than the full jacket. It is less restrictive than full sleeve jackets and more breathable. In light winters, this can be perfect. They can be plain or waterproof and come in different materials. 


Vests are lightweight sleeveless jackets that you can slip over any shirt or other outerwear. Many wear it for style more than any other reason. Though it is not the best option in the rain, it can be useful in cold and windy conditions. 

When the weather is perfect, it is time to enjoy golf. However, when it gets cold or starts to rain, that’s when one needs to dress appropriately to continue playing. Dressing in layers is common for golfers. Good golf jackets are the perfect outerwear and the most visible layer of attire. Look for the ideal combination of comfort and style to look and play well. 


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