How To Dress Up For A Special Event

Elegant stylish man help dressing woman outdoor

There are many events in a person’s life that they may deem “special” including birthdays, weddings,  and even galas. Looking your best for these events is a must! Here are a few tips on how to achieve your best look for a special occasion.

Know Your Budget

It’s firstly important that you know your budget, that’s something of importance when it comes to sourcing a new outfit. If it’s for a wedding or something where you may need to match with others or have a unique outfit that you only wear once, it could be better to think of renting an outfit. You might not like wearing a Navy blue wedding suit, so what’s the point in investing in one and spending that money when you might never wear it again. With special occasions, people do choose to spend a bit of money on getting a new outfit, but it’s important not to overspend or splurge out too much money that you perhaps cannot afford. Know your budget and make sure that you cap how much you want to spend on the outfit itself so that you have the money that’s needed to spend on the event.

Consider The Theme

A lot of events will have different themes to them. A wedding may have a certain dress code that they want their wedding guests to go in, and to some extent, they might dictate what colors they want everyone to wear. Work events might be tailored to something specific to the work itself and it’s important to note that it’s an event where work colleagues will be present, so it’s good to assess the seriousness of the event and whether you could get away with playing around with your outfit. Once you know the theme of the event, it is then that you can begin to enjoy the process of finding something that will suit your requirements.

Look For Inspiration Online 

There’s a lot of online resources that you can take advantage of when it comes to dressing for an event. With sites like Pinterest and fashion labels creating their own look books and style blogs, it’s worth taking advantage of. Find the inspiration online and search in relation to the type of event it is. For example, a masquerade-themed event is going to be quite a unique one because it likely requires a certain type of dress code that you may not have in your wardrobe currently. It’s also something where you may need to get arty in order to create a mask. You can find pretty much everything online though now so if you’re after a mask or fancy dress type outfit, there will be something depending on your budget that’s available.

Consult Those Fashion-Forward Friends

An excuse to dress up is something to you might be personally after but maybe perhaps the style of dress-up that you’re doing is unfamiliar to you. If you’re shopping in-store and online and having no luck whatsoever, it might be best to consult one of your fashion-forward friends. It can often be handy to ask for the help of those who are more into their fashion or have a particular creative streak that makes them the perfect person in regards to dressing for certain events. Ask them for some advice or better yet, take them to the shops themselves and offer them lunch or dinner in return for helping you out. That’s what friends are for, right?

Go For What’s Comfortable

As much as this special event might be important, at the end of the day, you’re wearing the outfit. Therefore you want to feel comfortable in whatever you’re wearing. You are the priority, not the outfit. Look at what you’d usually wear and try to translate that into the type of event wear that you’ll need. Give it some of your own personality and opt for alternatives if there’s some clothing that you don’t want to wear.

Dressing up for a special event is one that can be fun, so relax into the process and ask for help from your friends or by seeking the inspiration you can find online. Go for what you know is going to be comfortable for you.