Three Piece Suits – Off the Peg or Bespoke

Handsome man in black suit with old classic car

There are few items in a man’s wardrobe more stylish and classy than a three piece suit. The combination of jacket, trousers and waistcoat – worn with a nice shirt, tie and shoes – is something that simply looks superb, no matter the style of the suit or the occasion you are attending. Suits follow a few standard stylistic forms – single or double-breasted is one choice, and also the number of buttons – but there is one other decision that can make a difference.

Today, it is the norm to go to a high street store and pick a suit off the shelf. You try it on, and you find it fits, and buy it – often for a surprisingly impressive price. This is a great way of getting an affordable suit quickly, perhaps for an urgent unexpected meeting or event, and off the peg suits are a great choice. However, when it comes to true elegance, nothing beats a bespoke tailored suit. What’s the difference? 

The Off the Peg Suit

An off the peg suit is one that is ready to buy (check these on It’s all there for you, matched and ready for you to try on, in a variety of sizes. For some men, this is all they need, yet these are men who tend to be what we shall call ‘standard’ build. Most off the peg suits you will find are a ‘regular’ fit, with different size in waist and chest to choose from. This allows for the makers to produce them in large numbers, and to reduce costs as such.

This is not to say that off the peg suits are poor quality, as some are very nice indeed and are made to a high standard. It’s simply that for a suit to fit properly, and by that we mean be tailored for you precisely rather than for men of around your shape and size, the only way forward is the bespoke suit.

The Bespoke Suit

A bespoke suit is the very ultimate in men’s fashion; three items created for you, only for you, to your exact size and chosen style, from the material you want, and with any detailing you require. The traditional tailor is a craftsman who will start by having a consultation with you about what the suit is for, and by inviting you to choose from some of his or her styles, materials and options.

You will be measured for the suit in minute detail – check this informative article for more information on bespoke suits and the process that goes into creating one – and when this is done, you can chose everything from the number and type of pockets you want, to the type and style of buttons. It’s all about the detail with a bespoke suit, and a good tailor will be able to make you feel at ease during the process, and to ensure that you get the precise suit that you require.

In addition to the actual suit itself, there’s something about being treated exclusively and individually for an item of clothing that is very special indeed. All attention is on you, and when you finally put on your new suit – it will be checked and any adjustments needed will be made – you will feel very special!

Some Styling Tips

One thing we will say is that it is not as expensive as you might think to have a suit tailored to you. There was a time when it was very expensive, but modern fabric manufacturing and other processes mean the same quality can be achieved at surprisingly affordable prices. However, it’s not just the suit, it’s how you wear it, so here are a few tips from

  • Always wear your waistcoat buttoned, but always leave the bottom button undone. 
  • When standing, your suit jacket should be buttoned up, but again, the bottom button should remain undone. 
  • When sitting down, you may unbutton the jacket for comfort. 
  • Don’t over-accessorise your suit – the waistcoat itself is the main accessory – and never, ever roll up your sleeves!

So, check out tailors for bespoke suits and treat yourself! The bespoke suit is a garment to treasure, so make sure you take your time and buy the one you really want. Have you ever thought about going bespoke?