Christmas Gifts for Your Girlfriend


Strike the perfect harmony of love, affection and care with these carefully curated Christmas-gift ideas for your girlfriend.

While it’s great to have options, not everything can serve as a Christmas gift for your girlfriend. I mean, it’s not like at Halloween where you can please her with candy and superhero costumes. It’s the very special occasion of Christmas, and it’s the special someone in your life so she deserves to be treated as such. Having considered this, we have done our extensive research and find out some brilliant jewelry and other accessories that bear the wow factor as Christmas gifts for your girlfriend.

Pieces of jewelry and accessories from Nomination

Of course, jewelry is a popular option when it comes to gifting your girlfriend at Christmas. That means, it can turn out to be a cliché and fail miserably. Not with jewelry from Nomination, though. With its roots firmly in the Florentine goldsmith tradition, this is a brand that continues to surprise with its unique, modern and thoughtful designs. So, let’s find out what’s in the store that can be considered as the perfect Christmas gift for girlfriend.

– Earrings: Among the wide variety of collections, most of the earrings that stand out include heart pendants, adding some romance into your Christmas together. The Emozioni earrings with black heart cost £45, the Sweetrock is adorned with Zirconia and costs £29, the plain gold Melodie hoop comes with a star pendant and costs £32. You can also choose a collection of single-piece earrings with different symbols.

– Necklaces: Like the earrings, the necklaces are made with gold and comes ornamented with a plain star pendant, or a Zirconia adorned love pendant. All of our top-pick necklaces are available in different colours and costs a maximum of £65.

– Bracelets: When it comes to designing bracelets for women, the artisans at Nomination leave no stones unturned. There are a number of collections made out of a perfect mix of gold or silver, and gemstones; with careful detailing to make them truly unique. The Sweet rock hearts and gemstones are a piece of art and cost £49, while the Nightdream is as charming as its name and costs £45.

– Composable Link: If she happens to own a Composable bracelet, you can easily take her to the moon with a themed or engraved composable link pieces. There are a few with ‘Forever Together’, or ‘Mrs.’ engraved in golds.

It’s also not a bad idea to mix and match a few or buy her a complete set from a specific collection of your likings. On the other hand, you can just buy her a Seimia pendant for as little as £15.

Personalized Bracelets

If you want to take this Christmas to another level, you can take the help of Nominations ‘Create Your Bracelet’ studio and make her a bracelet from the ground up. There, you can choose each link of the bracelet and connect them together to make the grandest Christmas gifts for girlfriend.