Style tips for a night at the casino


Just a few decades ago, a trip to the casino was seen as the epitome of a glamorous night out, and this is something that is coming back into popularity. Groups of friends are choosing a casino holiday to places like Las Vegas over a nightclub-heavy destination such as Magaluf. Rather than spending the evening in a dark nightclub where you can’t hear what anyone is saying, casinos are wonderful, relaxed places where you can socialise with your friends, meet new people and – best of all – hopefully win yourself some money.

The only problem is, while we may all have that nightclub style figured out, what exactly do you wear to a casino?

The key is matching your style

No matter if you’re planning a casino visit with your partner, your friends or even your mum – the key to looking good is matching your styles. After all, if you turn up wearing jeans and a t-shirt and your mum comes over looking like a Bond girl in a cocktail party dress, you’re going to look a little daft together. So, you must discuss outfit ideas beforehand.

Of course, before you decide on any outfits, you must check if the casino you’re visiting has any dress codes. Although most high-end casinos, like the Hippodrome in London and The Bellagio in Las Vegas, are pretty laid-back when it comes to outfits – as they want their customers to be comfortable – other famous casinos such as the Crown in Australia require at least smart casual at all times.

Otherwise, planning your casino outfit is very simple. As, overall, it’s all about letting your style sing and enjoying yourself! To give you some inspiration, though, here are some of the most common styles you’ll see on the casino floor:

Bond, James Bond

For many of us, we’ve grown up watching James Bond actors such as Sean Connery and Daniel Craig looking ridiculously glamorous in casinos – usually with a gorgeous lady on their arm. So, it’s little wonder then, that so many of us want to evoke that style when we head to a fancy casino.

To look like Bond, you’re going to need to pull out all the stops and invest in a nice tux or suit. If you’re planning a big night out, you can always rent your suit or tux, as this will not only be cheaper for you, but you can even opt for a designer offering to evoke that Bond style. Just keep in mind, Bond isn’t one for lots of blingy add-ons, so keep your accessories to a minimum.

For Bond girls, once you find the perfect destination, you have a lot of options to make yourself the star attraction, with evening dresses available in all colours. Just like Bond, your typical Bond girl looks glamorous without being over the top. So, aim for a classic dress – such as black or red – and pair it with a few elegant accessories, glam make-up and styled hair.

Sophisticated smart

If you don’t want to go all-out formal, but you still want to look smart, take the elements of the Bond-style and dress it down a tad. Here men can still opt for a suit, perhaps in a less formal colour like blue, or even smart jeans with a shirt and sports jacket. While ladies might still wear a dress – just not an evening gown – or might prefer a pencil skirt or trousers matched with a nice top and heels.

Las Vegas showgirl

Of course, if you are heading somewhere like The Bellagio and you want to rock that classic Las Vegas, over the top, roaring twenties style, there is nothing quite like the fun of bright colours and sequins. For the ladies, think somewhere between flapper girl and showgirl, with brightly coloured cocktail dresses, ridiculously high heels and red lipstick ahoy. Even better, unlike the Bond or sophisticated look, you can wear as many eye-popping accessories as you like.

For men, your job here is to look dapper with a nice suit, as the ladies are the true style icons of the classic Las Vegas look.

Just go casual

Most casinos don’t care what you’re wearing – they’re far more interested in the cash you’re spending. So, if you’re on holiday and you want to wear a nice comfortable outfit, go with what you like! Jeans and a t-shirt, cool maxi dress and sandals, even that classic vacation Hawaiian shirt – you’ll see people wearing a vast array of different styles on a casino floor.

Overall, whatever you wear on your casino night out should be what you enjoy. If you want to glam up with your best friends, then go for it. Or, if you’re serious about gambling and you want to wear your lucky Levi jeans, that’s just as good. Just make sure to check the dress code of the casino you’re visiting and plan your outfits with your friends beforehand.