The Best of 2019’s Fall Fashion


While saying goodbye to the summertime is met with sadness, welcoming the fall season with a slew of new fashion trends makes the seasonal change easier to bear. It’s no secret that autumn has a way of sneaking up, eliminating the hot temperatures and forcing beach days to come to an end.

Suddenly, you find yourself in need of a complete wardrobe overhaul to accommodate the new season. There begins the frantic search for cute, warm layers that allow you to step into the season with style. Sure, you may not want to snap out of summer mode, but the onslaught of new jackets, jeans, and boots fill you with enough excitement to be okay with cooler, shorter days.

Fashion weeks have concluded in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, and the powers that be in the world of fashion have spoken on what to expect for fall 2019 trends. Making their way from the catwalk to your favorite shops and boutiques, trends ranging from snakeskin patterns to faux fur outerwear are likely already hanging on racks and neatly folded on shelves. Whether you’re updating your wardrobe to match the season’s greetings or you’re just looking for a bit of autumnal inspiration, stay ahead of the curve with these fall 2019 fashion trends.



Slither your way into some snakeskin patterned skirts, shoes, or accessories to achieve a totally chic look. Animal prints have always been on-trend, but snakeskin is having a bit of a moment this year. Tie an outfit together with a pair of snakeskin Chelsea boots, or make a statement with a snakeskin jacket. Adding a reptilian touch to any outfit keeps you looking fresh and fancy.

Boiler Suits

We all cherish the value of fashion and function, but few things compare to style trends that deliver both comfort and style. Though boiler suits are usually associated with blue-collar workers, it has evolved far beyond a utility uniform staple. Rompers and overalls lovers will adore this long-sleeved one-piece suit that takes the stress out of outfit curation with a simple zip or button-up.

Hair Pins

Not only do cute, glittery hair pins keep your hair in place, but they’re adorable, tiny accessories that add a splash of glam to any ensemble. With the resurgence of 90’s trends, the return of the hair clip has been one that no one could have predicted. Back and better than ever, these pretty pins are a sleek addition to any dressed-up or dressed-down look.

Puffer Jackets

Once deemed as the unofficial uniform for mountain lodges and ski adventures, puffer jackets have transformed into fall and winter fashion staples. From Forever 21 to Versace, designers all across the ranks of the fashion industry welcome the fall season with puffer jackets. Today’s puffer coat is bigger, boxier, and bolder than 80’s and 90’s models, featuring mod additions like metallic accents and adjustable waists.

Tonal Dressing

No matter how you define your style, tonal dressing is an exceptional way to spice up an outfit. Characterized by streamlined colors, tonal dressing comes in a wide variety of hues. Whether it’s an all-black outfit that looks seamless and sleek or an all-lavender ensemble that’s cute and classy, using a single color for your outfit creates eye-catching unity, transforming you into a walking, talking piece of art.


Outdoor fashion portrait of young beautiful fashionable girl wea

The return of 90’s styles has brought back punk plaids. While plaid is a classic wardrobe print, the latest resurgences of the staple pattern takes it to the next level. Make a statement in a bold plain blazer or opt for a plaid platform boot—no matter how your style your plaid, this fall-time must-have matches the warm vibe of the season.

Asymmetrical Neckline

Off-the-shoulder tops have had their moment, this fall is all about the asymmetrical neckline. Designed to highlight the collarbone and tastefully show off the shoulder, asymmetrical necklines are an exciting way to spice up an otherwise plain top. Elevate your outfit from drab to fab by losing the extra sleeve or strap.

Square Sunglasses

Funky-shaped sunglasses have taken the world by storm, leaving conventional wayfarer and aviator shapes in the dust. Protect your eyes with style—square sunglasses are the latest shape to grace the faces of runway models, celebrities, and social media influencers. They’re sharp, mod, and totally worth adding to your collection of accessories.

Embrace 2019 fall fashion with impenetrable confidence. What are your favorite fall fashion trends? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below!