3 Interesting Fashion Choices for 2019


Every year, fashion choices range from retro looks to more progressive options. The latest trends change as often as the weather, and some preferences make even the most fashion-forward turn their head for a second look. Everything from couture wedding dresses to unusual statement pieces can leave a lasting impression on the wearer and anyone who witnesses it. Here are three exciting fashion choices for 2019 that have made the runway.

Ruching Everywhere

Purchasing a piece of clothing that includes ruching isn’t entirely out of the ordinary. The style creates a slimming illusion that is flattering on every body type. It can camouflage nearly any problem area that makes the wearer self-conscious.

Back in the 1980s, ruching was used to create fairytale-esque puffed sleeves. In 2019, ruching returned in a few areas that were not previously as common. Most ruching has stayed in the torso and thigh area, which makes sense for that slimming element. However, there is no longer a specific time or place to incorporate this feature.

Ruching is often used to conceal specific areas, but it can also be used to make them appear larger. You can even purchase an entire dress that is just one big piece of ruched fabric with a spot for your arms, legs, and head to go through. Overall, ruching is more of a balancing strategy for fashion design that can be applied anywhere designers decide to put it.

Square Neckline

Square necklines are another throwback fashion choice that is trending again in 2019. Renaissance faires are popular to attend for some medieval fun, and the style is influencing current fashion.

Most notably, the square neckline can be seen in clothing for nearly every occasion. This fashion choice is not interesting because it’s odd, but because it’s not as common as other neckline shapes. V-necks and round necklines are arguably the most common, so when a square neckline is thrown in the mix, it can create some extra attention.

Just like ruching, a square neckline is flattering on almost every body type. It can create an elongating effect for women with shorter necks as well as a curvier illusion on top for smaller-chested women. It also has a sultry impact by showing off some extra skin and your collarbones, which some people view as flirty and sexy.

Statement Hats

Queen Elizabeth II is known for her colorful outfits that are usually accompanied by a hat. It’s fair to say that she likely has the most epic collection of hats in the entire world.

The statement hat trend ranges from practical to unneeded, but always adds something to the outfit it’s paired with. Consider Lady Gaga’s early career fashion choices as the other end of this trend’s spectrum.

The options for statement hats read similar to a Dr. Seuss book. There are short ones, tall ones, big ones, small ones, and ones made of any fabric you can think of. You can get one hat, maybe two hats, yellow hats, and blue hats. Instead of a cat in a hat, you can probably find something that looks like a cat as a hat.


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