How to Choose the Best Nail Salon (Because You Won’t Settle for Less)


Sometimes it takes you months to find a perfect nail salon. Sometimes you run into one where you least expect it. Whatever your experience is, the simple truth to understand is that there’s more to a good nail salon than skilled employees. After all, you entrust the specialists not only your image but your health at the first place. Therefore, your choice of the venue should be based not only on the salon website design (although it is important as well) when searching for it on Google but on other, more practical factors. Here’s the list of things you should pay special attention to when choosing your perfect nail salon.

Perfect cleanliness

Needless to say, the place must be in a top-notch sanitary condition. Every client comes with their own microflora, leaving bacteria on the items they come in contact with. You don’t want to end up with a fungal or bacterial infection, do you? So take a look around to make sure the tools are properly disinfected after dealing with every client. Also, check whether disposable items are thrown away after usage. Towels and the manicure table must be perfectly clean.

Fresh air

Some nail products contain toxic chemicals, and their vapors get in the air during the procedure, leaving strong odors lingering around. While limited amounts of these vapors are safe, nail salons that have no proper ventilation facilities expose their clients to unsafe doses of chemicals. Simply smell the air once you come in. This simple test will tell you a lot about how much your comfort and health are valued in the salon.


Service and pricing

The scope of services is one of the most important criteria for choosing a good nail salon. You don’t want to change the place every time you need a different color or sort of treatment. Nail spa salons usually offer a more extensive range of nail pampering. As for the pricing, find out whether they charge per single service or whether the price is all-inclusive. If the latter is the case, ask what exactly the price includes.


The nail industry is developing apace, and new advancements emerge every single year. A nail technician is not just a person who’s ready to bring any of your wildest nail fantasies to life. A good specialist must be capable of explaining the fine-print terms and how the proper maintenance must be done. Ask your manicurist about the products they use for your requested type of service to make sure you will be treated with professional and safe products only.

Customer service

The atmosphere of the place and a pleasant manner of communication aren’t the only things to look out for. Professional nail technicians must be ready to take responsibility for their work, explaining all possible risks and the specifics of maintenance to ensure the service is a good fit for your needs. Your manicurist must always be honest with you in terms of safety.

License and insurance

Unless you reside in Connecticut, Alaska, Nebraska, or Utah, your nail technician must have a license to do the job legally. If you don’t see the license displayed on a wall, feel free to ask about it.

Reviews and references

Although Internet reviews can provide a lot of valuable information, keep in mind that they can be somewhat subjective. It is better to ask your friend or colleague to recommend a nail salon if you really enjoy the look of her nails.


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