How to Set a Password for a PDF In Adobe Reader


We all are familiar with PDFs. This is one of the most popular file formats we have to deal with on a regular basis at work or in school. If you know how to use it properly, it will serve you well. Users who have completed adobe reader free download for windows 10 can share their data and content without any hassle. PDFs are much more secure compared to other file formats because most people can’t edit them. That is why if you want to share sensitive data without worrying about the data breach, do it in PDF.

If security issues are fundamental to you, you can even set a password for your PDF documents in Adobe Reader. Only people who are given your password can view the contents of the PDF document you shared. All PDF documents have an in-built password-protection encryption. That is why you will face no problems to protect your PDF document with the password for free.

Now, we are going to give you easy instructions on how to secure your PDF documents with passwords in no time.


How To Protect PDFs with Passwords in Adobe Reader

  1. Start with downloading and installing the latest version of Adobe Reader for Windows.
  2. To protect your PDF document with the password using the Adobe Reader program, open the file that you want to secure either by browsing and opening it from your PC system or by dragging and dropping the file from your system.
  3. Now that your PDF file has been opened, you can press “View” (see the top left side of the Adobe Reader program).
  4. Press “Tools” and then refer to the “Protection” section. You will activate a new pop-up window.
  5. Set a safe password for your PDF document and press “OK.”


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