10 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for a Husband Who Has Everything


Finally, it’s here! The birthday of your dearest. You want to ensure everything goes perfectly on his day. You have lined up an entire event to celebrate him. Now the only task pending, a task which is also quite arduous; is getting him a present. 

“Gifting men is a herculean task”

The above statement may sound exaggerated but not one person can debate it. When it comes to gifting women, there are a plethora of options available. Gifting men? The options available are minimum and many men already possess them.

Every time the birthday of your husband arrives, you are stumped with what to get. When getting a gift for him, you don’t really have to fret about getting an expensive gift. As long as it is cool and coincides with his interests, he will love it. Men never really convey or desire something, neither are they aware most of the times what they want. 

What do you do in such a case? How do you gift something thoughtful to your husband that he will truly cherish and use? 

Here are a few options you can consider-

1] Liquor

There will be rare men who dislike liquor. Liquor is often considered as a sign of status and being dope as they call it. Every man wants to feel affluent, and one way of expressing this is lavish drinks. You can buy him whichever brand or kind he prefers. It could be rum, whisky, vodka, wine, beer, bourbon etc.  Men highly regard rare collections. Put in your best efforts to get your hands on an old and rare brand. 

2] Collate a Video 

Video greetings have been on the rise in recent years. But video greetings are such an emotional gift, will he even like it? Let us get out of the stereotypes and look clearer; you will notice how your man is greatly emotional as well. Furnishing a video greeting for him will undoubtedly make him immensely happy. You could go out of the way and contact his high school friends he has lost contact with, request his favourite celebrity to wish him through a video. He will truly be stunned by the efforts you put in. There are some amazing tools that can help you with the process. And, Celebrate is one of the renowned and user-friendly video-making tools that you could consider. check out how you can create a birthday compilation video message in just a few minutes.

3] Liquor Accessories 

Drinking appendages are also liked by men. You can get a gigantic beer mug, whiskey and cigar gift set, decanter for his office etc. There is a wide variety of magnificent gifting options available in the market today.

4] A Surprise Trip

Your man never states this but he wants to travel with you. The thought of traveling distances with your partner is too beautiful and wholesome to not like. If you have a fat budget, definitely go for a surprise trip to a place that your husband has been talking about. Incorporate everything that he loves to do in the itinerary. It could be adventure sport, visiting particular spots, trying particular food etc. 

5] Merchandise of His Favourite Show or Game

Almost all men live in the virtual. They love entertainment. Movies, sitcoms, games; the list goes on. Is his favourite The Office? Suits? Marvel? Star Wars? GTA? Fortnite? Get him anything that relates to any of his favourites and he will be elated!

6] Regular Items 

 Watches, Clothes, Shoes, Books etc.

All these are very much cliché, but contrary to popular opinion, they never go out of style. Men always love a new addition to their already existing collection. Only make sure there is no repetition of the same exact product. 

7] Luxury Items 

Men are also fond of luxury products. A velvet bathrobe, home slippers, branded deodorant, body wash, face masks, a luxury massage are also a few good options to consider.

8] Latest Technology Gadgets 

Most men are eager to know the recent advancements in technology. They keep themselves updated with everything that’s new in the market. Owning a new gadget will fill them with thrill. Therefore, you could look for the latest earphones, keyboards, gaming tools etc. 

9] Rent His Dream Car

Every man has at least one dream car. You could research and rent his dream car for a day and let him live his dream on his day. 

10] A Childhood Wish list Item

Many men have repulsed their childhood wishes. You could look into this and get them some toy or thing that they badly wanted as a child, even if it is of no use today; it still would be very important to them emotionally.

You know your husband better than anyone else does. Recommendations might be of help, but in the end, only you can decide the best. Make sure you take into account his interests, what he likes to pursue in his leisure time. Is he into cooking? Sports? Latest technology? All of this will determine what you get him. Don’t limit yourself by stereotypes. Know that the best gifts come from the heart, not from the store. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.