What to Wear to a Casino


Are you visiting a casino for the first time and are unsure of what to wear? The dress code for a casino isn’t as complex as you may assume, with most casinos having a relaxed dress code that won’t be rigorously enforced, although it’s never a bad idea to check with the casino before you visit.

Of course, most people visiting a casino are now doing so for a special occasion or night out, in which case you’ll probably want to dress up a bit. How smart or casual you decide to dress up is usually down to your own preferences, although there are some things to consider before choosing your outfit.

Can I Wear What I Like?

In most cases, yes you can wear almost anything you like to casino, although this does depend on the establishment. For instance, if you’re in Las Vegas hitting the many casinos there, you’ll come across people wearing everything from a three-piece suit to a Hawaii shirt and cargo shorts, with virtually no dress code in place for these casinos.

In most UK casinos, the dress code is somewhat stricter – think anything you’d wear on a night out to a bar or club. You can go suited and booted or smart casual, while there may be some leeway for shorts, hoodies, and hats depending on the casino.

Trainers are also mostly accepted, although these should be in good condition. Basically, as long as you don’t wear anything scruffy or sports clothes and you should be good to go.

The only time formal wear is likely required at a casino is for certain special events (e.g. black-tie event) or if you go to a high-end, luxury resort such as those in Monte Carlo. We’re assuming most people won’t though, in which case you won’t have too many restrictions on what you can wear. 

Smart Casual is Always a Good Choice

As mentioned, most people visiting a casino are doing so on a night out like a birthday or Christmas work party. Sometimes people go to the casino instead of going to the pub or night club, which is why the smart-casual dress code is common in most casinos.

Basically, anything you’d wear on a night out at the weekend will suffice for a casino. You’ll look great, feel confident, and be comfortable enough to enjoy a few hours playing at the different tables and machines in the casino.

So, think smart trousers and jeans, shirts, dress jackets, dresses, playsuits – anything you’d wear on a night out with friends should suffice for a casino! When in doubt, go smart and play it safe with darker colours, as this looks more formal without needing to dress up too fancy.

Again, none of these typically required but it’s generally assumed by the casino that customers dress up for the occasion, especially when going late a night on a weekend. Other people will be dressed up too, so you want to fit in well and embrace the awesome casino experience!


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