How to Plan a Vacation in Maui the Whole Family Will Love


The time has come for you and your family to take a vacation. The first step is deciding on a location, and the Hawaiian island of Maui is a popular vacation spot for a multitude of reasons.

If you do pick Maui as your family vacation stop, use these tips to make sure the entire family will be entertained.

Plan interactive activities

Maui is quite an adventurous spot for a vacation. There are activities all across the island that will have your family wanting to go plan the next trip already. Vacations are the perfect time to bond and step out of your comfort zone with some interactive family-friendly activities.

If you have some thrill-seekers in your family, rent some HJC helmets and motorcycles. Maui is one of the most gorgeous spots for a joyride. You can drive to Haleakala and catch a sunrise or sunset. If motorcycles are too much, there are also spots you can rent ATVs in Maui, which are much more beginner-friendly. One place to check out is Maui Off-Road Adventures.

Another interactive activity that you can all do together is spending a day at the Maui Ocean Center. This is especially great for children, but you’re just as likely to have a good time. It’s also the largest tropical reef aquarium in the Western Hemisphere — you won’t want to miss out.

Make sure to head to a luau 

You can’t go to Maui without taking your family to a luau. There are family friendly luaus all over Hawaii that you can’t miss. They’re a great way to experience Hawaiian culture and embrace some tropical vibes. It’s fun for a photo op and it’s hard to imagine more “Maui things to do” out there.

Luaus are fantastic ways to give back to the community you are visiting as well. A lot of churches and charities throw luaus to raise money for a good cause. You can spend your money wisely by buying tickets to one which supports a cause you want to be a part of.

Experience nature as a family

The nature in Maui is out of this world. There are tons of ways to appreciate nature: it’s all about finding some common ground amongst your family. For example, you can check out a seven-line zipline course in Maui or even go on a helicopter ride over some tropical forests and waterfalls.

If you have a more athletic family, then there is an abundance of trails and natural parks to explore as well.

Make sure to fit in time for water sports

Don’t forget to spend some time at the beach. There are beaches all over Hawaii, so it’s difficult to go wrong. In Maui, check out Makena Beach or Wailea beach. Both are equally beautiful and ready for you and your family to spend time on.

These beaches are both perfect for some water sports action. You can rent jet skis at Pacific Jet Sports Inc for a wild time. Or you can coast the beaches of Maui at record speed on a jet ski.

It’s almost guaranteed that someone on your trip will 100 percent love to try out surfing. And what better place to surf than Maui? Rent some boards and hit the waves.

It’s pretty simple to find a surf trainer to get everyone up to speed, and these are all great family bonding beach activities you have to try.


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