8 Interesting Facts to Know before You Visit the Bahamas


20% of Its GDP Comes from Tourism

Okay, nerd alert! But it’s fun if you think about it. The economy of the Bahamas literally depends on tourists like you. If you don’t go, they will have difficulty managing the country. That’s probably why they take such good care of tourists. There are not many places that offer extreme adventures with safety.

It Still Has the Death Penalty

Planning to go all out on your trip to the Bahamas? Think twice before you take any rash actions because the Bahamas is one of the few countries that still has the death penalty. There is still no need to worry because the last execution took place about 2,000 years ago.

It Comprises over 700 Islands

The Bahamas is a country in the Caribbean that has 700 Islands. The entire population lives in only 30 of them, so other deserted islands make a perfect adventure spot. Each island has something unique to offer. But if you are to go there, make sure you get administrative permission and follow precautionary measures.


There are Many Pink Beaches

Beaches are a blessing themselves and the Bahamas is blessed with too many of them. This country is, after all, a group of islands. But it’s not everywhere you find a beach with pink sand. There are a few extraordinary beaches in the Bahamas whose pink sand adds perfection and uniqueness to their beauty.

Home of the World’s Biggest Aquarium

This sounds like something you would find in Dubai. But let’s not underestimate the Bahamas. They have the world’s biggest aquarium in a waterpark. What’s even more exciting is that this aquarium is filled with sharks and there is a slide that passes through it. You can see the sharks swimming around you through the slide’s glass.

Ever Seen Swimming Pigs?

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about wild pigs here. I mean cute little pigs that swim out to tourists. These pigs actually live in Big Major City Bahamas. The beach is even named Pig Beach. These friendly little pigs easily get along with humans, and you can also feed them.


Underwater Cave System

There are a lot of underwater caves in the Bahamas. That’s why it’s regarded as the best place for cave diving. The sea used to be a few hundred feet lower than it is now. As the water rose, the caves made of limestone became a part of the underwater cave system. Now it’s an adventure spot for tourists. If you plan to try every adventure mentioned in this article, then make sure you get a nice house at a place where nothing is too far away for you. The Bahamas villas are, themselves, a tourist attraction. Rent a luxury villa for yourself online when planning the trip.

World’s Second Deepest Blue Hole

Many adventurers are attracted by the Bahamas’ blue hole. This world’s second deepest blue hole is 115-foot wide and 663-foot deep. Even experts can only go as deep as 130 feet. It has cliffs around it for daredevils to jump right into it. Many veteran divers come for extreme deep sea diving here. You may not know the Bahamas is also very close to the infamous Bermuda Triangle.


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