5 Statement Accessories to Add to Your First Date Outfit

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What you wear on a first date is pretty important. For many of us, our choice of clothing is how we show off our personality and character, even when we’re not speaking, so choosing the right outfit plays a big role in how we introduce ourselves to our date. But it’s not just about the clothes themselves… it’s about how we show off these clothes, and the accessories we opt to wear to compliment our fashion choices. 

So just what are some good accessories to pair with a fantastic first date outfit?

1. A Simple Watch

woman wearing a beautiful chic watch

If you’re wearing a short sleeve or sleeveless outfit, you can easily add a touch of glamour to bare arms with a bracelet (and it can make you feel less ‘naked’, too!). But it’s time to step away from the charm bracelets and beads, which are two big no-no’s on first dates! If you’re feeling a little nervous, your hands will automatically want to fiddle with the embellishments, causing distraction and even some embarrassment if the beads all decide to fly off all over the restaurant! Instead, opt for a simple watch, which will do the trick perfectly. Fiorelli has some gorgeous, feminine watches, and while the brand is known for being affordable, if you check some Fiorelli offers and Fiorelli Discount Code online, you can get an even better deal. 

2. A Long Necklace

trend 2019 fashion necklace for minimalist

Statement necklaces that make you feel powerful and sexy are the perfect first date accessory… the only problem is that many feature a statement design that hangs in just the wrong place for a meeting with someone you barely know, if you get what we’re saying! Long necklaces draw the eye to a much more first-date-friendly part of the body and help to prevent any awkward moments. And if you’re heading out on a more mature date night, such as a dinner in a fancy restaurant or a show, a long necklace can make you feel elegant and sophisticated. It’s a good idea to make sure you know where you’ll be going on your date, as dressing to suit your environment can make you feel much more confident and at ease. 

3. Bold Earrings

trendy fashion earrings in red

While the right accessory can work to draw attention away from certain places, it can also work to draw attention to the right places! For example, if your date is feeling nervous, they may find it difficult to keep eye contact, which can be distracting and a real obstacle standing in the way of good conversation. This is where bold earrings can help. It doesn’t matter if it’s dangly, colourful, big, ornate, or anything else, as long as it’s eye-catching. Statement earrings automatically draw the eye, helping to keep your date’s eyes up near your face, which makes it easier to lock eyes and chat with each other comfortably. First dates often get a reputation for being a bit awkward, so providing a little focus can be a big help. 

4. A Cute Headband

trendy head band for summer

One of the best pieces of fashion advice for a first date is to embrace the middle ground. It’s important not to go too fancy, which can set unrealistic expectations, but also not to go to casual, which can show that you’re not really in it. Sometimes, our ‘safe and comfortable’ fashion choices don’t always show off our whole personality, just a snippet. But a statement accessory like a headband can work to give your date a little more of a glimpse into who you are, without going over the top. And as a bonus, a good headband can hide a multitude of sins, so it doesn’t matter if you haven’t had time to shampoo, got drenched in your lunch break, or you’re just having a bit of a bad hair day… no one needs to know! 

5. A Contrast Belt

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First dates can be nerve-wracking… but not for the reasons you may think! Believe it or not, most of the nerves that people feel aren’t about the date itself, or about the person you’re meeting… they’re about yourself! One of the best things you can do to feel comfortable on a date is to feel comfortable with yourself, and there’s nothing better for confidence than clothing that fits perfectly. So, grab yourself a great belt and pull your clothes in just the right amount, in just the right places, to make you feel like Superwoman and provide an incredible silhouette that makes you feel amazing. Make it a real statement piece by choosing a contract belt that adds a touch of colour and a pop of personality to your look.