The Best Bras for Women with a Small Bust


Being a woman normally means having a whole lot of problems when it comes to our figures and our weight. While most lament about being too big in the thighs and the tummy regions, others might have back problems because of a heavy bust. In direct contrast, we also have women who are way too thin, or even if they have quite the figure, lack in bust what they have just a bit lower on the abdomen.

We already have enough problems without adding the problem of never being able to find the right bra size.

Bra tips are a dime a dozen but normally they seem to be geared towards those with a C cup or over instead of the A’s and double A’s. Each individual is unique, and that should be celebrated fully and not hidden away in shame.

Fit is really important, particularly for a small-chested woman, and going in for a fitting should not be daunting nor have you feeling like a teenager all over again.

How to Choose the Best Bra for You

There are a few things you should always remember when looking for the best bras for your small bust:

• No matter what your size, you always need the support. Though small chests will not really be leading to back pain, a lack of support can lead to early sagging. You need to get the right bra not just for the moment but for your future body, as well.

• Make sure the fit of the band is just right. Here is where many women run into problems because sometimes things just seem very mismatched. The straps are not nearly as important as the band that you should have hooked on the loosest and from there you can begin to move inwards as it stretches out.

The band should certainly not be loose enough to allow your breasts to pop out from the bottom though when you pull up your arms over your head.

• Remember that your cup size may change. While you may be used to that A cup with the 34 band, you can run into problems with your changing body due to hormones. It is actually best to get fitted once a year, just in case, while also ensuring you never buy a bra without first trying it on in that change room. Those exist for a reason.

• Padding is never a necessity and always a choice. Personally, I always wear padded bras. It just makes me feel more comfortable in my chest size without adding to the backache.

But for many, going braless is most definitely an option as well as using non-padded versions. You can make your own choice here, but know that you are never obligated to add the pads to the piece of support around your chest.

• You’ll want to invest in around 10 bras. The thing is that extended wear of a single bra can make it loosen up and lose a bit of its shape. It also means washing more often and that leads to it getting older, faster. Wear a bra at least 2 or 3 times before washing, but also have a few options to choose from to extend the lives of each.

• Make sure you feel sexy and fantastic in the bra you wear. You want to be feeling confident in yourself, like you are in control; lingerie should also be fun and not just merely functional under clothing. At the end of the day, you get to decide if you want to wear the bra.

Some of us love to walk around without anything underneath, particularly while at home or even going out with oversized sweaters. It’s nice to have a balance between time spent wearing the support and time spent with your lovely ladies fee of their binds.

So, which are the best bras for petite women with a small bust or those with a rather flat chest compared with the rest of their bodies? It truly is a misconception that it is easy for women with smaller breasts to find the right bras for them.

Most people believe that we would fit in just about anything but they really are sorely mistaken. The truth is that slipping straps, rising back bands, and most importantly those awkward spaces left that allow one to see what’s underneath are but a few of the problems women with the small chests face.

While going commando is fine, we do very much need advice on which bras are best suited for our figures. Bra experts from a few specialized companies have decided to share their tips on how to pick the right type of bra for your flatter near ironing board bodies.

Here are a few top functional bras that are perfect for the small bust women like us.


1. Lightly Lined Bras

While those with really small breasts are often told to go commando, some believing that they do not need the support, it is important to note that they need quite a bit of it.

Lightly padded bras are a really good bet for a small bust for adding a natural amount of extra oomph and giving you a bit more of a shape. It’s certainly nice to have that added definition, the lightly lined category meaning that while it doesn’t add volume, it provides nipple coverage and a more feminine feel.

The light contouring with the padding and the supportive underwire gives just a bit of cleavage in a classier, and infinitely more comfortable manner. T-shirt bras are perfect for this as they come with the thin layer of padding to give it a smoother, more natural feel.

2. Racerback Bras

Straps are often slipping off the shoulders and that can be because they are way too loose on your body. They also end up stretching out over time, so what fit perfectly a few months ago can now be falling every two seconds.

Different bra styles also come in handy for helping evenly distribute the weight, as well. Racerback and t-strap bras are a great way to ensure you receive support in every way possible while not worrying about those straps again. Bra-converter clips come in very handy to turn any bra you own into a racerback.

Racerbacks and T-strap bras are perfect under tanks in the summer as well and often can look pretty awesome under scoop back shirts, adding some sexy and a whole lot of extra detailing.

3. Bralettes

Very popular in the fashion industry at the moment are the bralettes that were worn by many a model sashaying down the catwalk of late. They are perfect for smaller cup sizes, though they don’t really offer much in support.

They also give great shape, with more definition than a bandeau bra and a whole lot more sex appeal than a sports bra. There is no discomfort from underwire here and they make up in coverage and beauty, what they lack is in proper support. They are extremely feminine ways to show off the bodies while the bands criss-crossing really add to the garment’s appeal.

There is a wide range of bralette designs to choose from so chances are very good that you will find that which suits and pleases you. Plus, bralettes are perfect for lazy weekends spent at home or whenever else you would rather not be wearing an underwire.

4. Bandeau Bras

Going strapless works when there is less to cover up and support, but you might have trouble keeping these things up. You should look for detailing of silicone on the inside of the band so that you prevent it from slipping off the body.

Boning on the sides is also an option that offers extra support. Lots of lace can also be included to give these bras a sexier edge, looking pretty awesome peeking out from under tank tops. They are normally very fun, extremely comfortable and lay smooth, particularly the gorgeous flat lace.

There are those that come in microfiber stretch knits and with underwire to add comfort and support to the pretty sight. We would definitely go for a strappy back bandeau right about now.

5. Wireless Bras

Just like the bralette, there are a few different types of wireless bras that look just as soft and supple as all the rest, if not more, but offer a whole lot more comfort while awake or asleep. These are subtler bras that look gorgeous as well as quite natural.

There are bras without adjustable straps that come in very handy as well as there is little to think about as you enjoy your underwire-free intimates.

6. Barely There Invisible Look Underwire Bras

Also known as wonder bras, these awesome garments are great under any type of shirt, particularly the tight ones, with front adjusting straps and a focus on endurance for the most part. For many, it appears that these types of bras are so comfortable you actually end up forgetting you have it on.

7. Gel Padded Bras

Gel padding actually adds to the shape quite nicely while also lending itself as chest support. It certainly does look good but you might not want to wear it under a T-shirt. It is perfect to wear in the winter for some extra layering as well, while it might be a little too much for those summer months.

8. Full Coverage Bras

When the bras have full coverage, they give the chest a more natural feel while still accentuating the assets. Some of them are bras that don’t even feel like bras. You should be careful on what you wear these with, but most have been happy with the results of wearing these bras.

9. Bras with Front Close

Those with smaller chests will find the bras with the closures in front to be a whole lot more comfortable after a long day of wearing them out. It keeps the back more solid, the straps are normally not adjustable and the ease of putting these on cannot be denied. Gel padding with front closures is a flat chested woman’s divine dreams.

10. Major Push Up Bras

If you want to show off that you are a size larger than you truly are, go for the push up bras that are full of padding. Not to mention, there is the whole sexy factor added to this.

Unfortunately, these bras are heavy and a little too padded for most people, looking almost unnatural if coupled with a really tiny chest, and thoroughly uncomfortable in the heat and humidity of summer. Also, too much adjustment is necessary, from the back to the straps.

It might be a good option to only opt for this one when absolutely necessary. The good side though? These normally keep their shape even after several washings and you rarely see any shrinking happening. They are strong and add a good lot of extra support.


A Few Tips to Know About Bras Overall!

• The more padding there is on the chest, the more support the bra needs on the sides and the back to prevent it from riding up.

• Adjust your straps before you put the bra on to make sure that any and all breast tissue is on the cup itself, creating a scoop effect and preventing the appearance of fat around the sides.

• Lace half-cup padded bras are a sexy alternative to the lightly lined versions, really making your chest pop out from all the rest.

• Demi bras make sure the nipples are kept under wraps but also ensure that a woman feels feminine and sensual, confidence oozing out from every step taken.


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