Prints That Will be Big in Summer & Autumn 2019

polka dot fashion trend 2019

Summer is always an exciting time in the fashion world because it is a period where trends tend to be more fun, daring and interesting. Summer going into autumn this year will be all about prints in the fashion and interior design worlds, with all kinds of statement prints being used by major designers which are sure to turn heads.

So, what sort of prints should be considered in summer and autumn this year?

Animal Prints

Animal prints rarely go out of fashion and can be worn year-round. These have become bolder more recently, with matching print two pieces hitting the catwalk, as opposed to a token statement animal print piece. This summer and autumn there will be a handful of key animal prints making waves in high street stores, including snakeskin, zebra and cheetah.

Literal Animal Prints

Literal animal prints (pictures of animals) have been popular for the last few summers and this will certainly continue this year. These are fun and colourful and are particularly well-suited to relaxed, informal occasions. There are many different popular animal prints to consider this year, including flamingos, giraffes and parrots but you are sure to be able to find your favourite animal too.

Polka Dots

Polka dots are an excellent print trend because they perfectly balance fun with elegance which means that they can be worn in both informal and formal manners. They can be a great way to brighten up otherwise bland outfits and you are not confined to the typical black dots on white (although this is the look that dominates).


What was a fashion crime just a few years ago is now one of the biggest trends which just goes to show how cyclical fashion can be. Tie-dye is making a huge comeback right now, in items that are more elegant, such as smarter dresses and statement jackets and can add a boho-chic touch to these outfits.


It is hard to go wrong with floral prints especially during the summer months. Large and bold floral prints worn from head to toe are proving popular, and are a popular trend in the interior design world with floral blinds and curtains prevalent up and down the high street. 


One of the more interesting print trends to develop in recent times which will be key in summer and autumn is the word print trend. This is the most eye-catching and head-turning print to opt for because people will instinctively try to read what the words are – just make sure that you choose wisely and do not wear anything inappropriate!

These are the main prints to be aware of in summer and going into autumn this year. You should look to incorporate these into your wardrobe but you may also want to experiment at home as there is a lot of crossover with these fun prints.