Trendy Holographic Art To Glam Up Your Mani

Trendy Holographic Art To Glam Up Your Mani (26)Trendy Holographic Art To Glam Up Your Mani (26)
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Women are constantly looking for new innovative ideas to incorporate into their beauty routine. It doesn’t matter if it’s about hair, makeup or nails, if you are like us, you want to keep up with the latest trends. Aside from the metallic and chrome nails that took over Instagram in 2017, there is one other shiny nail art you’ll love.

In the last few months of 2017, glitter was a trending topic in makeup, nail art, and clothing. You might think that glitter is related to the holiday season. Anyway, we are happy to say that the shiny nail trend will be still going strong in the new year. So the next time you are in doubt whether to rock a little extra sparkle, don’t think twice. If you want to upgrade your manicure game, holographic nails are the most in-demand nail design at the moment.

Now we are finally ready to take the glitter game to a whole new level. Holographic nails became such a big hit just recently. They are real refreshment in the beauty world. Another great thing to know is that you don’t always have to visit a professional to get this nail art done. There are many holographic nail polishes available that you can get and experiment with colors and patterns. At salons, they usually use special powders to achieve the shiny effect.

The options are very diverse. The very creative artists on Instagram are constantly posting new pictures of how they played with the sparkling holographic shades. Some ladies prefer their manicure to be done in only one color, while others enjoy having them decorated with prints and patterns.

If you are already bored with all the classic nail art, its time for a change. And what better way to do it than a statement manicure. You don’t have to worry about whether your nails will look like too much. The holographic trend is big everywhere, so the chances are you will see many other girls flaunting it.

Steal some holographic inspo from these chic nail designs. Next time you visit the nail salon, you can upgrade your manicure with a fierce looking art, which will bring all eyes on you. If you are a trendsetter ready to follow all the hot topics, you are at the right place. Flip through the pictures below to decide which one is your favorite.

Trendy Holographic Art To Glam Up Your Mani black purple gold green nails

Photo Credit: @eve_nails/Instagram

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Written by Martina Todorovska
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