Insane Lipstick Colors Ideal For Party Season

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Great news for all makeup lovers. It is officially time to experiment with all the boldest looks you like. Throughout the year we usually stick to our regular makeup routine and don’t get out of the comfort zone too much. That is mostly because we all have to go to work, where statement makeup looks might not be appropriate. Starting from subtle eyeshadows, to classic lipstick shades such as nude and red, we all have the similar routine. Except for makeup artists, who do fun looks as part of their job.

During the holiday season, you can wear the most festive outfits, hairstyles and makeup looks. That is why we can give ourselves the freedom to rock a statement, dramatic lip. When you think of the fact that every single day you have to put on a toned-down shade, you feel the need to try something new. Thankfully, the latest beauty trends will give you the courage to flaunt a green, blue and even yellow lipstick.

Many of the biggest makeup brands launched bold lipstick collections in the past month. In other words, 2018 officially got a fierce start. Rihanna and her brand Fenty Beauty released a line of 14 game-changing products. Her collection features colors such as navy, deep green, vibrant purple, and statement-making orange. Kat Von D is another makeup guru that followed the same trend. Her Studded Kiss lipstick range is more than impressive. It includes the most amazing lipstick colors like white, black, gray, magenta, green and blue. Even Sephora joined the club with a line of 40 astonishing colors.

If you’ve already chosen a dress for the upcoming crazy nights, you can match your lips with the colors of the outfit. Instead of rocking an already seen red lip, try a fun metallic shade. Green and blue look more than gorgeous in a metallic version. With such a bold lipstick you won’t even need to spend much time on the eyes.

Another way to go is a matte, saturated lip. Once again the options are endless. Orange is a must, but if it’s not your favorite go with magenta, dark brown or even black.

Check out these fierce beauty bloggers who were brave enough to experiment with dramatic lipstick shades. You will get all the inspiration you need to create a unique look ideal for party season. The moment you stop being afraid of colors, your makeup looks will become three times better.

Insane Lipstick Colors Ideal For Party Season green lipstick green purple makeup

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Written by Martina Todorovska
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