Metallic Makeup Ideas to Rock This Winter

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One reason why we love the cold weather: heavy makeup doesn’t cake. Every makeup & beauty obsessive’s loves the winter season because of its glam. One of the fun options for winter glam is the metallic makeup. These makeup looks are somewhere in between on a scale from natural to glam. We would say they are a bit closer to an exaggerated glam, but most certainly far from heavily glittered makeup looks. The advantage that puts them in front of the glitter makeup looks is that they are easier to create. If you have played with glitter in the past, you know that loose glitter can go all over the place. Metallic makeup looks, on the other hand, are safe even for the sloppiest makeup junkies out there.

There are several ways to add a metallic effect to your makeup. First of all, some eyeshadows come in a metallic finish as they are. But most of the times you can turn any pigmented shimmery eyeshadow into an eyeshadow with a metallic finish.

All you have to do is spray your makeup brush with a fixing spray and then dip it in the eyeshadow pan. The wetter the brush, the more metallic the eyeshadow would be. Please keep in mind that you shouldn’t soak the brush in your facial mist. This way the eyeshadow will be too wet and sheer, something that’s far from metallic. Keep a decent distance between your fixing spray and the makeup brush to avoid such situations. Start with less – you can always add more if needed.

Pigments are another formula that can turn into a metallic finish with a fixing spray. If you want a blinding metallic effect on your eyelids, pigments are the way to go. Some brands sell unique metallic formulas, but most of the time you can get a similar effect with eyeshadow pigments. In case you don’t own facial fixing sprays wet your brush with water. Fixing sprays perform better, but if you don’t have another option water will work just fine. Nowadays there are also metallic lipsticks that give an insanely pretty metallic effect to your lips.

One of the greatest things about these makeup looks is that you can get a bomb results with only a couple of eyeshadows. If the eyeshadow is metallic by itself, you can distribute it all over the lid with a blending brush and intensify the effect only at the center of your eyelids. For those who love to doll up for hours, a sleek cut crease or halo makeup looks are just a few of the options. For more inspiration flip through these gorgeous metallic makeup looks.

Metallic Makeup Looks to Rock This Winter soft rose makeup

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