Rock Green Eyeshadow With The Help Of Celebs

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It is not easy to pull off a green eyeshadow look. It is one of the most luxurious tones when it comes to makeup. But if you are not good at doing your own, better not risk it. The good thing is that with enough practice and good advice you will end up loving a green look. This season the makeup trends are all about fierce and edgy. And what other shade defines those two terms better than the green one?! Thanks to the many talented makeup artists and their tutorials, this color is not reserved only for green eyes anymore. In the past, most ladies were scared to experiment with such shades. Thankfully all that has changed and the time of extravagant and daring makeup is here.

There are several different options that you can flaunt. The first one is a monochromatic eye look that involves only green color. You can mix several different tones and it will look gorgeous. You don’t have to add green to your whole lid. It can be a very subtle, but sophisticated look if you add a hint of color to several strategic spots. If you do add color everywhere, your makeup might appear too intense.

When it comes to this color, makeup artists usually chose the shade according to the complexion. For women that have fair skin, it is recommended to opt for lighter, paler tones of green eyeshadow. The ones that have darker skin can play with all shades including the dark emerald ones. Since there aren’t any strict rules of beauty, there can be exceptions.

Another huge trend that celebrities love is the green eyeliner. Ashley Graham and Lily Aldridge rocked chic sparkling eyeliner looks that are hard to resist. Their makeup artist Vincent Oquendo decided to play with color and scored big time. Both of the models showed off that change is always good. From time to time escape from your regular makeup routine. You will be surprised by the result.

If you already love purple or golden eyeshadows, they go perfectly with green. These shades make multicolored looks that steal all the attention. Sometimes even if you are wearing a simple outfit, these daring makeup looks can make you feel special.

Take a look at these mesmerizing green makeup looks that will instantly steal your heart. Ashley Graham, Vanessa Hudgens, Eva Longoria are loving this new trend. Now it’s your turn to get obsessed and copy your favorite one.

Vanessa Hudgens

Rock Green Eyeshadow With The Help Of Celebs Vanessa Hudgens

Photo Credit: @chadwoodhair/Instagram

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