How Fashion and Classic Games Are Evolving Together


Fashion isn’t something that springs to mind when discussing classic ways of playing games, but there are now plenty of signs that both these industries are evolving and coming closer together over time. How have games like chess, slots, and others come closer to the world of fashion in recent times?

Slots with a Fashion Element

Slot machines have been a huge part of the casino business for more than a century, with symbols including playing cards and colorful fruits among the images that can make up winning combinations across the reels. While they haven’t been fashion-focused in the past, the current generation of online slots has given developers the chance to add this and other themes to their games.

The range of Megaways™ slot games covers titles as diverse as Cleopatra Megaways, Sahara Riches Megaways, and The Choice Is Yours Megaways. Each slot has been inspired by different themes, which is reflected in the characters who appear on the screen, showing the style we’d expect from their era and setting. Cleopatra has an image of the famous Queen wearing facial jewelry while Sahara Riches has a female character with a classic desert outfit. The Choice Is Yours is based on a modern TV game show.

Fashion-Based Board Games

The board game industry has been growing impressively in recent years, and one of the effects this has had is in the way the diversity of the sector has grown. We can expect to see more fashion-based board games in the future if the public interest in both these areas continues at the same pace we’ve seen in the last few years.

The Fashion Game is an example of a fairly simple approach to this genre, while Prêt-à-Porter by Portal Games adds an extra twist by focusing on the economic element of the fashion industry, which in real life is worth $1.3 trillion and employs 300 million people according to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Players need to create strategies to open new outlets and hire the best designers to make their brands grow.


Fashion Designers and Games Are More Closely Linked Than Ever

The world of fashion has collided with board games in some unexpected ways in the last few years, as several of the most exclusive clothing brands have decided to launch their own versions of some of the most timeless board games. In this way, they’ve added some of the style and good taste that they’re renowned for to games that virtually everyone knows how to play

We can see options ranging from a hand-crafted wooden chess set from Hermès to a backgammon board from Prada and a draughts set from Brunello Cucinelli that’s made of porcelain and wood. It works well as a way of giving the public the chance to get hold of an exclusive game presentation that is useful as a center-piece in their homes as well as being practical for gamers.

The ways that fashion and games have come together provide us with a new outlook on how we play the most-loved games and also a new way of looking at them as part of the wider fashion industry.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.