Popular Makeup Trends for College Girls


Trends come and go in the ever-changing fashion and beauty world, and colleges have always been the major trendsetters for various styles, thanks to the students’ creativity. The contemporary trends students like to adopt usually reflect the college lifestyle. From classic to boundary-pushing makeup statements, college girls like to embrace trends that bring out their personalities. Some of the makeup trends have been enhanced by the do-it-yourself videos posted on YouTube and other social media platforms. Let’s check out popular makeup trends that will leave you turning heads on campus.

Natural Look

Want to feel confident like a writer at a college paper writing service who tackles every topic regardless of how complex it is? Try the natural/no-makeup look. The natural makeup look aims to emphasize one’s natural beauty and is a common trend in college since it takes less effort to achieve it. The style involves applying minimal makeup, for example, using face powder and shaping the brows so that it looks like they are not wearing any makeup. College girls have also embraced the no-makeup trend because it helps them nurture healthier skin free from lots of makeup and oil. Therefore, if you are looking for a radiant and healthy glow, you can hop on this trend.

The no-makeup look is also known as the minimalist approach to makeup since it only seeks to enhance an individual’s intrinsic facial features. The subtle makeup touches can be achieved by using gloss, a little mascara, and a hint of blush to get the face a little flushed. The effortless look is particularly suitable for students since they do not need to spend much time getting their makeup done, especially when they have to make it to class on time.

Bold Eyebrows

The eyebrow trend has been on for a while, and now people have taken it to the next level by embracing boldly highlighted eyebrows. People have moved from the ultra-thin 90s brows, and after cycling through several eyebrow trends, they are now opting for fuller brows achieved through microblading or eyebrow lamination. Alternatively, some ladies use eye pencils to give them this fuller look. The major bold eyebrow statement we have seen recently is Doja Cat shaving all her brows out; however, this is not a trend that most people would hop onto. Collegians prefer microblading or highlighting their eyebrows with eye pencils compared to tweezing eyebrows, which was a past trend.

Glitter and Shimmer

Glitter and shimmer is a highlight statement used to accentuate one’s makeup. It can be added in gloss, eyeshadows, or highlighters. Glitter is also a symbol of glamour, and manufacturers of beauty products are also hoping to this trend by producing sparkly products. Although this trend may be based on childhood nostalgia, it has evolved into a more sophisticated makeup style. If done well, glitters and shimmers can be an everyday look, even when going to class. Students are gradually embracing this trend since it makes them feel sparkly and confident. Many find it amazing that adding a touch of glitter to their makeup creates their alter ego. Influencers of various beauty products have come up with creative ways to use glitter makeup, thus making it a fun challenge to try out.

Lip Gloss

Glossy lips are slowly becoming a trend because they offer a fresh and younger appearance. Just like the traditional balm, lip gloss is used to nourish the lips. Besides, it provides a non-sticky glow and complements the makeup well, especially the all-natural look. Lip gloss is particularly a preference for those who prefer minimalistic makeup as they may find lipstick a little bit too much. The nostalgia of the 90s has brought on the shiny lips trend, and some top celebrities such as Dua Lipa and Victoria Beckham have embraced it. The shiny gloss trend was also witnessed at the Fendi catwalk, which shows that it is fully a trend now. Beauty product manufacturers have quickly jumped in to make this trend successful as they are now coming up with various lip gloss types, including matte lip gloss, which lasts longer.

Colorful Eye Makeup

Colorful Eyes is The Hottest Summer Makeup Trend blue makeup
Photo By @iisabelle.de.vries/Instagram

Makeup statements are slowly returning to the technicolor era, with people looking for tutorials on how to create colorful eye makeup both on YouTube and Google. College students like to have fun and live expressively, which explains why they are embracing the colorful eye makeup trend. Students are currently exploring a wide range of eye makeup trends, from colorful eyeshadows to monochromatic eye looks, smoky eyes, and the famous graphic eyeliner. All these eye makeup trends make a statement and mostly indicate how open one is to using makeup to find one’s true self instead of hiding it to conceal one’s flaws.

Makeup Integrated With Skin Care Products

In college, most students embrace a skincare routine mostly because they are now more aware of their appearance. Therefore, there is a growing emphasis on skin-care-infused makeup. Collegians are now purchasing makeup items that have skincare benefits, such as moisturizing effects, and products with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and antioxidants to help them achieve maximum skin protection. They are moving away from makeup products that are only meant to conceal imperfections or accentuate their beauty. The skin care-infused makeup shields the skin from harsh environmental conditions such as scorching sun, thus keeping the skin radiant and healthy.

Closing Remarks

Makeup has become a form of expression, not just a way to hide dark spots and blemishes. Most people are now using makeup to embrace their womanhood and showcase their boldness. While some people prefer dramatic colors, others opt for a subtle look. It goes to show that makeup is a matter of preference. However, some trends are commonly practiced by everyone, especially in college, where friends and social media trends greatly influence individuals. These makeup trends also allow students to show off their creativity and style. For example, blending a colorful eye makeup look with your outfit is an indication that you are not only stylish but also creative. So, if you are looking forward to becoming a stylish icon in college, you can hop onto the trends mentioned above.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.