Accessorizing Prom Dresses The Right Way To Look Perfect [Guide]


Prom-queens, are you ready to rock the stage?

You desperately want to say yes, we know, but you are not yet prepared! You have already struggled a lot to find an ideal dress. Rushing to different stores, constantly nagging your mother for suggestions, and endless discussions with your girlfriends.

Even if you have your pick from trendy prom dresses in 2024, do you still feel that you are not prepared? Unfortunately, the answer is yes, right? It is because you missed prioritizing accessories as much as you focused on finding your ideal prom dress.

But worry not; we bring our guide to make it easier for you with our guide focused on accessorizing your prom dress!

Statement Jewelry

Choosing the right jewelry is no easy task. If you are reading this post, we assume you have already decided on the perfect dress for your special day. (If you haven’t done that yet, decide on a dress right after you finish reading us!)

Why so? Because you can not find a suitable jewelry piece without knowing what dress you have to pair it with. Once you know the details of your prom dress, know what creates a perfect balance with your dress details, like neckline, dress length, sleeves, and dress material.

For instance, if you plan to wear an off-shoulder trendy prom dress, a choker or collar piece will be your best pick, whereas, for a boat neckline of a dress, longer necklaces fit ideally with the design.

Handbags and Clutches

If you are considering handbags and clutches, ask yourself a question first: Can I manage a handbag with my dress?

Surviving the night in a fancy dress alone is too much to handle. But if you are comfortable carrying a handbag for your prom celebration, there is no reason you should be hesitant about it.

Whenever opting for a handbag or a clutch, keep in mind the following points:

  • Choose a lightweight and small bag. You don’t want all the eyes to notice you struggling with a heavy purse.
  • Your priority must be comfort! The bag must be easy to hold and compact to carry. You don’t want all the crowd to make space for your space-consuming bag, right?
  • Among different bag designs, choose a design that goes to your comfort. Are you more comfortable carrying a clutch? Pair your dress with one. Do you want your hands to be free as you enjoy the dance? The best choice for you will be a compact design for bags.


What footwear is right for you will solely depend on your personal preferences. For instance, some girls will never feel perfect without a glamorous pair of heels. On the contrary, many girls can not survive an hour in high heels. For them, it is a torture indeed! 

It is your night to slay, so pick footwear that comforts you and makes you feel good. Among different footwear options, a few great options are strappy sandals, heeled court shoes, pumps, and ankle straps.

But if you aim to be one of the prom queens who want to stay comfortable, ballerina flats will work the best for you.

Note that you can not blindly pick a pair of sandals for yourself. If you do not know yet how to make a perfect selection of prom footwear, follow our tips:

  • There are unlimited options for choosing complementing sandals for your prom dresses in 2024. First and foremost, the footwear must speak about your personal preference and comfort.
  • Depending on your dress, pick a pair of sandals that completes your look, not make you look out of place. The footwear color must complement the dress, not make an odd outcome. In addition, the length of the dress will also be an important consideration.
  • While prom night is all about glamor, you don’t necessarily have to be a trend follower. If you find the high heels uncomfortable, stick to comfortable alternatives.

Makeup and Fragrance

The most important thing to attain perfection in makeup is to pick a makeup inspiration you want to go for. Be it a timeless red lip look or a soft glam inspiration, go for whatever brings confidence to you with the prom collection 2024.

Adding to this, the worst mistake you’d make on your prom day is to be in a rush. Plan every aspect of your prom, including the makeup products, inspirations, and salon you want to go with.

If we are talking about makeup here, how can we miss skincare here? Makeup can make you look pretty, but it is not enough. The key is to have healthy and glowing skin, making skincare necessary prior to your prom night. And did we miss here to say how important it is to keep your skin hydrated?

Conclusion – Look Perfect With Accessories

Your journey to the perfect prom night is almost complete if you have found the dream dress. But you are not wearing the dress alone, right?

A perfect prom look is incomplete without suitable accessories, even if you have the perfect dress from trendy prom dresses in 2024.

But is it that easy? You have to find one good necklace among so many options. And the struggle to select the earrings that complete the look. It is challenging.

But with our guide on accessorizing, you get a flawless look for your prom night. Follow these and get ready to grab all the attention!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.