How To Protect Your Eyes From Damaging UV Rays


It’s common knowledge that the sun can do more harm than good if our skin is exposed for long periods of time, and even though spending time outdoors is important, there’s a hidden danger that many people aren’t aware of. The sun emits ultraviolet rays, and these wavelengths of light can cause permanent damage to your eyes. One of the best ways to protect your vision is to wear custom made prescription sunglasses. How do they help and what exactly are you protecting your eyes from? Keep reading to learn more!

The Big Deal About UV

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You’ve likely heard about the danger that lurks inside of ultraviolet rays, but have you ever wondered how light can be harmful? The entire visible light spectrum is spread across a range of colors and wavelengths. Each type of light is measured in nanometers, and contrary to what you’d expect, the lower the number, the more harmful the light can be.

Ultraviolet light is slightly less harmful than x-rays but still contains a large amount of energy. It’s so powerful that it actually damages your cells, and while some parts of our bodies are more resilient, the delicate area surrounding our eyes as well as our eyes themselves can become permanently harmed.

While many people will end up developing vision issues over time, over-exposure to UV rays can lead to premature cataracts and macular degeneration. Both reduce your ability to see, and while there are surgeries and medications available to help, the vision loss associated with them is often irreversible.

The Best Ways To Protect Your Eyes

Attempting to stay out of direct sunlight is perhaps the best way you can avoid exposing your eyes to UV rays, but that’s not always possible and probably isn’t the healthiest option either. It’s recommended that you wear a hat with a large brim when you will be outdoors as this will be your first line of defense against UV light. However, an even better option is to wear prescription sunglasses.

Many individuals who wear glasses on a daily basis often think that sunwear isn’t for them, but a pair of prescription sunglasses can help you to see well while also offering the most eye protection possible. While all prescription eyewear will differ a bit in terms of style, the most important thing to keep in mind is that it should offer 100% protection against all types of UV rays.

What To Look For


Prescription sunglasses can be customized for just about any activity you’re interested in, so if you want to hit the slopes and keep your eyes safe, consider a wrap-around pair that features polarized lenses to block glare. Those who want a more fashionable look and tend to wear their prescription sunglasses every day might gravitate toward a larger style that covers the delicate eye area and has colors that match their daily wardrobe.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to wear the darkest lenses possible to get the most protection from your prescription sunglasses – as long as your lenses are large enough to fully cover your eyes and the area around them and offer 100% UV protection, you’re good to go! Consider purchasing more than one pair to change up your look, offer some variety, and ensure that you have a pair for the car, one for sports, and more for other types of activities you enjoy.

Going outside doesn’t have to be scary, because although ultraviolet rays can cause damage, you can also get Vitamin D from the sun, an important nutrient for your overall health and wellbeing. Simply make sure that you always have your sunglasses in tow and you’ll be able to easily protect your eyes from damaging UV rays.


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