Mistletoe Moments: Crafting Your Christmas Proposal & Selecting the Perfect Ring


In the journey of life, there comes a moment when you realise you’ve found that special someone—the one you want by your side for all the chapters yet to unfold. While any time of the year is ripe for a magical proposal, there’s an undeniable charm to Christmas engagements. Imagine the scene: a warm ambiance, festive lights casting a soft glow, and the promise of forever beneath the mistletoe. Further, what perspective bride (or groom) wouldn’t be blown away by the idea of a shimmering surprise nestled beside Santa’s gifts?

In this post, we’ll explore the magic of Christmas proposals, offering you some helpful tips and advice as you navigate the nuances of choosing a cool ring style, ensuring your moment is as unique as the love you share!

Should I Propose at Christmas?

Christmas is synonymous with togetherness and joy, which is one of the key reasons why getting down on one knee during the holidays could be an excellent choice. Proposing during this season adds an extra layer of warmth and shared happiness, creating a memorable backdrop for the beginning of your journey together.

The festive period also marks the end of one year and the beginning of another. If you propose during this time, it can symbolise the start of a new chapter in your lives, making your engagement even more meaningful.

Finally, if you’ve always pictured popping the question to your partner in front of family or friends, Christmas is a great time. Many people take time off work during the holidays, so you’ll likely be surrounded by those that matter the most.


Timing, Timing, Timing

So, you’ve decided that Christmas is the perfect time to make the ultimate declaration of love; now it’s time to think about when over the holidays you should get down on one knee.

First off, let’s consider a Christmas Eve proposal. The anticipation of the next day’s festivities, coupled with the calmness of the night before, can help create a romantic ambiance. However, the potential downside is that your partner might be preoccupied with last-minute preparations including wrapping gifts or laying out the carrots for Rudolph!

Opting for a Christmas Day proposal infuses the occasion with extra magic. The joy and celebratory atmosphere can enhance the significance of your commitment, and the day itself is already steeped in sentimental value. On the flip side, your partner might be engaged in family traditions or may feel overwhelmed by the day’s excitement.

Choosing to propose between December 26th and New Year’s allows you to extend the holiday joy. With the hustle and bustle of Christmas Day behind, this period often provides a more relaxed setting. However, your partner might be tired from the previous day’s celebrations, and the excitement of the holiday season may have slightly waned.

Festive Proposal Ideas

After deciding which day to conduct your proposal it’s time to start turning your attentions to the all-important ‘how’. Fortunately, (especially if you’re stuck for ideas) Christmas provides the perfect setting for a range of unique proposal ideas that are guaranteed to make your partner’s heart melt. Amongst some of our favourite festive ideas include:

Tree of Love: Picture this – a Christmas tree adorned not just with twinkling lights and baubles, but also with ornaments that tell the story of your relationship. As your partner admires the tree, guide them to a custom ornament containing the engagement ring, a dazzling surprise amid the festive decorations.

Winter Wonderland Picnic: Set the stage for a cosy winter picnic, complete with blankets and pillows, either in a snow-covered park or the comfort of your living room. After indulging in festive treats, surprise your partner with a sparkling ring, turning a tranquil moment into a memory to cherish.

Scavenger Hunt Extravaganza: Embrace the spirit of adventure with a Christmas-themed scavenger hunt. Lead your partner through meaningful locations in your journey together, each clue bringing them closer to the grand finale – a proposal spot stylishly decorated with twinkling lights and surrounded by the magic of the season.

Enchanted Sleigh Ride: Arrange for a magical horse-drawn sleigh ride through a winter wonderland. As you glide along, present the ring in a festive box adorned with a bow, capturing the enchantment of the season in a moment that will forever be etched in your hearts.

Fireside Serenade: Set up a snug fireside scene, complete with candles and soft holiday tunes. As you serenade your partner with a favourite Christmas song, unveil the ring in a way that seamlessly blends with the festive ambiance, creating a memory filled with warmth and love.

Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring: Tips & Advice

We’ve hopefully given you a little bit of inspiration on how to put together the perfect proposal, but it would be remiss of us not to offer some helpful tips on how toselect the ideal engagement ring that reflects your love story. This carefully chosen symbol not only complements the magic of a festive proposal but becomes a timeless expression of your commitment. To ensure that the ring captures the spirit of your love, consider the following advice:

Online vs. In-Store: First up, have a think about whether you would prefer to buy the ring online or if you’re more inclined to pop in-store. Online jewellers, especially well-known brands like Brilliant Earth, offer a vast selection and the obvious benefit is that you have the convenience of browsing from home. If you do purchase online, make sure you check customer reviews, return policies, and certifications.

Conversely,visiting a physical store allows you to see and feel the ring and consult with experienced staff. Popular jewellers like Harry Winston have locations everywhere from London to New York, meaning you are never far from a branch where you can pop in and observe the ring’s properties in person.

Finally, some jewellers, including Auckland-based Meaden Master Jewellers, have both an online shop and a physical address meaning you get the best of both worlds. You can combine the benefits of online and in-store shopping by conducting initial research on the web before visiting the store to view your top choices in person. Engagement rings by meaden.co.nz are also completely handmade and can be tailored to your requirements; a valuable option if you’re thinking about a bespoke engagement ring.


Style Matters: When it comes to choosing the perfect ring, think long and hard about your partner’s style. Whether they lean towards classic elegance, contemporary chic, or vintage allure, the choice should always resonate with their unique taste. The best engagement ring styles of this year tend to include solitaires, halos, or three-stone designs, with each option carrying its own charm which adds an extra layer of meaning to the soon-to-be cherished piece.

Metal Magic: Beyond aesthetics, the metal choice plays a crucial role in the ring’s durability and overall look. Yellow gold emanates warmth, rose gold introduces a touch of romance, white gold exudes classic elegance, and platinum offers both durability and a modern edge. Consider your partner’s lifestyle and existing jewellery preferences when deciding on the metal that will encapsulate your love story.

Choosing the Gemstone: While diamonds are a classic choice, exploring alternative gemstones can add a unique touch to the ring. Sapphires, emeralds, and rubies each carry their own significance and allure, allowing you to choose a gemstone that resonates with your partner’s personality. Pay attention to the symbolism and colour preferences that align with the story you want your ring to tell.

Finding the Perfect Fit: Ensuring the ring fits like a glove involves some careful planning. Borrow a ring from your partner’s collection or discreetly enlist the help of friends and family to determine their size. If uncertainty lingers, opt for a slightly larger size, as resizing is a common practice among most reputable jewellers.

Matching to Skin Tone: Consider your partner’s skin tone when selecting the metal for the engagement ring. Warmer tones, like yellow and rose gold, complement olive and darker skin, while cooler tones, such as white gold and platinum, enhance fairer complexions. The goal is to choose a metal that harmonises with and enhances your partner’s natural beauty.

The 4 Cs: For those opting for a diamond, the 4 Cs – cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight – are crucial considerations. The cut determines the diamond’s brilliance, colour influences its visual appeal, clarity assesses its purity, and carat weight indicates its size. Strike a balance among these factors, aligning them with your partner’s preferences and your budget, to craft a ring that captivates at every glance.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.