6 Ways To Style Plaid During the Fall

Plaid is one of the most recognized and beloved patterns known around the world. The pattern comes in an almost endless variety of fabrics, designs, color combinations and clothing types.

Plaid is one of the best options to add to your fall wardrobe. It often comes in heavier fabrics such as wool or cotton flannel. Are you mad about plaid? This pattern never goes out of fashion, and it can look chic in several fabrics and textures. Here, we’ll give you a variety of styling options, from a bold plaid blazer with black shaper leggings to a subdued wrap or hat.

Plaid vs. Tartan

People often think plaid and tartan are terms that can be used interchangeably, but they cannot. All tartans are plaids, but not all plaids are tartans. Plaid is any type of fabric with stripes in a 90-degree crisscrossing pattern. Plaid is often used for flannel; a soft, loose-woven wool; cotton; or a synthetic blend fabric. Plaids can be found in bright colors, including scarlet, hot pink, bright orange, lavender, and sky blue.

Tartan is a very specific type of plaid that originated in the Scottish Highlands many generations ago. Tartan specifically refers to a pattern with identical vertical and horizontal stripe patterns. Traditional colors include dark blue, dark red, medium green, black, gray, purple, brown, white, and yellow. Historically, tartans were always made of wool. However, you can now find tartans in synthetic blends as well as natural fibers.

Both tartan and plaid are excellent for outerwear, such as blazers and coats. But they are equally at home with a range of items such as skirts, shirts and accessories.

1. Rock a Plaid Dress

A shirtdress with button-up styling in plaid is simple and fashionable. It’s a versatile design, often available in a loose fit or with a belt that accents your waist. Pair the shirtdress with knee-high boots to create a smart ensemble. You could wear this look to a class, a meeting, the office or a nice restaurant. It’s a wardrobe staple that’s ideal for when the leaves start changing colors.

You can find plaid shirtdresses in any length, from mini to maxi. You can choose short or long sleeves, and some of these dresses have a pleated skirt or statement sleeves.

2. Wrap It Around Your Shoulders

Find a plaid wrap to make a statement and achieve a fashionable level of sophistication. A plaid wrap is a popular accessory that can go from casual to chic. Keep the rest of your ensemble in a solid color, and a vibrant plaid wrap or large scarf will complete your look. It will also help keep you warm when the temperatures start to dip.

3. Go Old-School: White Tee, Jeans, Flannel Shirt

This one never gets old, and women of all ages look effortlessly cool in this old-school ensemble. All you need is a cozy, oversized plaid shirt, a plain white tee over your favorite lace bra and a well-fitting pair of jeans. It’s so very ’90s grunge with that laid-back style and works well with outdoor fall activities. An oversized flannel is hot this season and always comfy.

4. Dress Up in Plaid on Plaid

Here’s another amazing way to introduce plaid to the fall season. Try plaid-on-plaid outfits. You can choose a cute plaid suit with pants or try a plaid blazer and pencil skirt. A plaid in pink is very Barbie and on-trend this autumn.

You can be creatively stylish with plaid on plaid in different designs, but be cautious. Style experts recommend keeping your outfit balanced. For instance, you can pair two patterns with the same color palette. You can even make an ensemble with one piece in a large and the other in a small plaid pattern. However, if it looks too confusing to the eye, then it won’t work. It’s better if the pieces share different forms of the same pattern.

5. Mix Plaid With Elegant Textured Pieces

The runways showed models wearing plaid for fall with sensuous fabrics, including faux fur, sequins and silk. This gives you tons of options in making this modern trend work for you. The beauty of these pairings is in their unique textural components.

Faux fur has become quite popular in various outerwear styles over the last few years, and it looks refined with a favorite plaid skirt or pants. Maybe for you, it’s a plaid dress and a silk trench coat. Or how about a sequined jumpsuit and a plaid shawl draped around your neck and shoulders? These looks all bring exciting depth and texture to an outfit.

6. Top It Off With the Perfect Plaid Hat

Maybe you feel more confident playing around with plaid accessories than assembling an entire plaid ensemble. In addition to being a fashion statement, a plaid hat provides protection from the sun and the elements like cold, rain and wind. A great hat is also a great disguise on a bad hair day. You can find plaid hats in bucket style, berets and baker boy caps.

Be Bold, Pick Your Pattern and Shine!

Ladies, it’s time to introduce plaid to your fall wardrobe. Fashion doesn’t have to be structured or feel like a boring uniform. Plaid is a pattern that can be playful, ageless and inspirational. Take these style ideas and make them your own. Head out the door showing off your personal street style. Don’t blend in — stand out!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.