VIP High Roller Perks at Top Casinos


If you’re a high roller who breezes past slot machines and card tables dropping tens or hundreds of thousands in a single visit, casinos are eager to shower you with luxury perks.

The biggest spenders get the red carpet treatment through exclusive VIP services designed to keep them happily gambling for days on end according to CasinoUSA.

For true luxury lovers willing to drop millions per trip, the royal treatment options at top casinos are endless. Here’s an inside look at some of the top VIP services and perks.

Dedicated VIP Casino Hosts

At any major casino, an army of hosts roams the floors looking to befriend and assist high rollers. But for the true VIPs spending insane amounts, the host relationship is much more personal and pampering.

Your dedicated host essentially serves as a full-time concierge, valet, advisor, assistant, and therapist! VIP hosts get to know their clients intimately to ensure absolute satisfaction. They handle every need and request quickly, even if it means chartering a yacht or private jet on the spot.

Luxury Accommodations

Once you achieve VIP status, you’ll never stay in a basic room again. Expect suite and villa upgrades with jaw-dropping views, larger gaming spaces, and stylish furnishings fit for royalty.

We’re talking complimentary 3,000-square-foot villas with private patios, media rooms, bars, and infinity pools. Hotel butlers and concierges cater to your every whim 24/7. You can request champagne and caviar service anytime, or book private spa treatments in your suite.

Exclusive Gaming Areas

Far from the chaos of the pedestrian casino floors, VIPs have access to lavish salons offering table limits that soar into the millions. These areas cater to whales who don’t bat an eye betting $300k per hand or more.

Not only do high limit salons offer privacy, but you’ll often find rare games not available to the general public. Take baccarat for example – VIPs might get to play Punto Banco, Chemin de Fer, or Macau-style baccarat with crazy variations.

Premium Dining & Drinks

As a VIP gambler, you’ll eat like royalty at no cost. Gone are the days of complimentary buffets and food comps – you’ll indulge in 5-star cuisine at acclaimed restaurants nightly.

Personal chefs can even be arranged for preparing your favorite dishes tableside between hands. And while you play, cocktail servers will keep your glass of Dom Perignon or Macallan 50 flowing at all times – all on the house.

Lavish Spa Treatments & Shopping Sprees

Between gambling marathons, your personal casino host will arrange for you to rejuvenate in style. You’ll enjoy elite spa treatments like pampering massages, facials, salt scrubs, and more – all without that pesky service charge.

VIPs also receive credit to live it up in designer shops inside the casino. Go on a fun shopping spree for watches, jewelry, couture fashion, and more. It’s the perfect pastime for table hopping!

Exclusive Concerts, Events & Entertainment

The free VIP perks extend way beyond the casino floor. You’ll gain access to the hottest concerts, championship fights, shows, and nightlife events with the best seats in the house.

These special entertainment extras make it well worth extending your stay. You may even wind up partying alongside A-list celebrities who frequent the high limit tables. Expect the VIP treatment at pool parties, nightclubs, and other venues.

Bonuses, Rewards & Gifts

In addition to the VIP services above, you’ll rack up rewards through special programs. Top casinos offer personalized bonus offers, accelerated tier points, extra drawing entries, birthday and annual gifts, and more.

Loyal VIPs receive gifts like luxury cars, tech gadgets, and 5- or 6-figure cash bonuses. You may even win all-expense paid trips to exotic locations to continue pampering yourself after an action-packed casino getaway.

Dedicated VIP Cashiers

Forget waiting in line at the casino cage – VIPs have their own dedicated cashiers for winning payouts and taking care of markers, credit, and other transactions discreetly. You also gain access to deposit accounts and other services to gamble at the highest level.

Having private cashiers is a huge convenience while moving around from table to table. They ensure you’re well bankrolled at all times, keeping the party going strong all trip long without hassle.

Complimentary Lessons & Experiences

Want to learn a new game or skill? As a VIP, casinos will arrange for top instructors to provide lessons in poker, blackjack, horse racing, sports betting, and more. Golf pros are also available to fine-tune your swing on world-class courses.

You may also gain VIP access to behind-the-scenes tours and experiences. From wine tastings to cocktail mixology classes, you’ll broaden your horizons and make the most of every minute behind the velvet ropes.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.